You Might Have Been Using A Neck Pillow The "Wrong Way" All This Time

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Cover image via Jetstar & @preacherlawson (TikTok)

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Remember when travelling was a thing and we would wear these neck pillows to keep our heads from bobbing around while we sleep?

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U-shaped neck pillows definitely come in handy to prevent neck strains. It probably even keeps you from accidentally drooling on the passenger next to you. :P

We most likely wear these neck pillows or have seen others wear them this way

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Image via Jetstar

Well, turns out, we've probably been using them "wrongly" this whole time

TikTok user @preacherlawson shared a viral video explaining that U-shaped neck pillows are actually supposed to be worn the opposite way around.

Apparently, if you flip the U-shape to face in front of you, it makes for a more comfortable sleeping position

It also prevents your head from moving about a lot more compared to if you were to use it the typical way.

Clinical psychologist Dr Michael Breus, also known as The Sleep Doctor, told, "[One] thing I tell my clients is that if you have a [U-shaped] neck pillow, turn it around so the bottom of the U is under your chin".

He explains that this keeps your head from moving about, which will wake you up, and "by rotating the pillow it stops your head from bobbing".

Of course, this applies more if you're sleeping upright, for example, on a plane or in a car. It doesn't really apply if you use it to keep your neck in a neutral position when lying down horizontally. In that case, using it the usual way makes more sense.

How do you normally use a U-shaped neck pillow? Let us know what you think!

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