[VIDEO] Children Play Squid Game's 'Red Light, Green Light' In SG Playground

It's all good until the children shout, "Bang bang!"

Cover image via @rossoffthewall (TikTok)

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Disclaimer: This story may contain spoilers for the
Squid Game series.

You know Netflix's Squid Game has hit pop culture fame when children – who probably shouldn't be watching such a violent show – are mimicking it in the playground

On Saturday, 9 October, TikTok user @rossoffthewall shared a video of children playing a popular children's game featured on the show at a playground in Singapore.

The game, called 'Red Light, Green Light' that appears in its first episode, is a well-known Korean children's game.

However, in the show, contestants play a life-or-death version of it, with players getting shot dead if they are caught moving by the giant animatronic doll in front of them.

Image via Netflix

In the TikTok that was filmed at a HDB flat, children are seen running and stopping like in the regular game

The children's game involves a 'tagger' standing in front and giving commands, while those behind run (green light) to cross the finish line or hold still (red light). Those caught moving during red light loses.

It's obvious the children have watched the series as one of the boys shouts the now-famous Korean chant "mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida" like in the show, and pretends to shoot his friends.

They also play along and pretend to fall dead on the ground.

The TikTok went viral, garnering over 160,000 views, and drew differing opinions from netizens

Some users were simply happy to see children playing outdoors again.

Image via TikTok

Others were concerned that parents were allowing their children to watch the violent show.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, a few reminisced the similar (non-violent) versions they used to play in their own backyards, such as 'What is the time, Mr Wolf?' and 'A-E-I-O-U'.

Image via TikTok

Watch the TikTok here:


So my friend send me this video today and I had to share. Squid game strong

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