6 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Your Fave K-Drama Oppas

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1. Song Joong Ki used to compete in short track speed skating

If you've watched the recent hit K-drama Vincenzo, you may have noticed that Joong Ki was a pretty talented skater during the few ice-skating scenes he had. Or, if you've watched Triple, a 2009 drama in which he portrayed a national speed skater, then you've definitely seen his skating skills in action.

Turns out that growing up, he used to actually compete in short track speed skating! Starting when he was a first grader in elementary school, Joong Ki skated for twelve years, even going as far as to represent his hometown, Daejeon, in the National Sports Festival three times.

In an interview, he shared, "I was so proud of my taking part in the National Sports Festival that I went around wearing a jacket with the words 'Daejeon Metropolitan City' engraved on it all the time."

After suffering an ankle injury when he was 15, during his first year of high school, he was eventually forced to give up the sport.

2. Park Seo Joon's debut in the entertainment world wasn't in a K-drama, but in a K-pop music video

OG K-pop fans confirm know I Remember, former B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk's popular single from 2011, featuring Beast (now known as Highlight)'s Yang Yo Seob. The music video for the song was super dramatic, depicting a couple's turbulent relationship.

Well, guess what? The person playing the man of that couple, who was willing to kill for his lover, is none other that Park Seo Joon himself! Still in his early 20s at the time, this music video appearance marked his debut into the entertainment world, before he went on to get his first K-drama role in Dream High 2 in 2012.

Watch the I Remember music video below, and spot a baby-faced Seo Joon:

3. According to the actor himself, Gong Yoo is a descendant of Chinese philosopher Confucius

Wah, who would've thought that there'd be a connection between an ancient Chinese philosopher and a Korean actor? Well, looks like fame runs in the family, hehe.

During a fan meeting in Taiwan in 2017, Gong Yoo revealed that he is a descendant of Confucius.

In 2005, Guinness World Records acknowledged Confucius' family as the world's longest family tree, spanning 86 generations with over 2 million descendants. According to Gong Yoo, he is part of the 79th generation of descendants originating from the Gokbu Gong clan.

Though Gong Yoo's last name seems different from Confucius' last name (his real name was Kong Qiu) in English, the Chinese characters of their names are the same.

4. After being discharged from mandatory military service in 2012, Hyun Bin was awarded the Secretary of Defense Award as well as the Marine Corps Commandant Commendation for being an exemplary soldier

Loved Hyun Bin's role as Captain Ri Jung Hyuk in Crash Landing On You? Perhaps the actor drew on real-life experiences from his own days as a soldier to bring the iconic role to life.

When he enlisted for mandatory military service in 2011, he volunteered to serve as a combat soldier in the Marine Corps, which is said to be the toughest branch of the Korean military.

According to a Military Manpower Administration (MMA) official at the time, Hyun Bin scored an incredible 29 out of 30 points on his physical exam to qualify as a Marine Corps soldier, ranking within the top five out of 200 candidates.

Later, out of 720 rookie Marines, Hyun Bin was one of the 16 who qualified as a top marksman during training. To qualify, one must hit the target more than 18 times out of 20 during day training, and nine times out of 10 during night training. Hyun Bin's score was 19 out of 20 in day shooting training, and 10 out of 10 at night.

Achieving such feats, it's no wonder that he was awarded after his discharge!

5. Ji Chang Wook can speak Mandarin

We stan a multi-lingual star!

In an interview with Singaporean media in 2015, Chang Wook shared, "It's a new language that I'm learning. I'm not as fluent in Mandarin as compared to Korean. It can be quite frustrating. I carry on a conversation with the linguistic ability of a three-year-old.

"Thankfully my colleagues in China appreciate the effort that I put in trying to speak in Mandarin. They often find me adorable, so I try to make the most of it."

His efforts to learn the language must have paid off, as he went on to not only star in Chinese drama The Whirlwind Girl 2, but also release a Chinese EP titled Be With You. You can also catch him in upcoming Chinese drama Mr Right.

6. Jo Jung Suk has a beautiful singing voice, and is well known in the musical theatre world

Image via KissAsian

Having always wanted to perform on stage, Jung Suk majored in Theatre at Seoul Institute of the Arts. After the death of his father in 2000, he dropped out before graduating in order to support his family by earning money performing in musicals.

Making his debut in The Nutcracker in 2004, Jung Suk then acted in a total of 25 musicals during the first nine years of his career, becoming a household name in the musical theatre world. The shows he has starred in include the Korean productions of popular musicals such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Grease, and Spring Awakening.

He even sang during his first small-screen appearance, when he played a socially-awkward-yet-talented music student in 2011 cable drama What's Up.

Check out this clip of Jung Suk singing the Korean version of This Is The Moment from the Jekyll & Hyde musical during his appearance on Running Man:

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