This Couple's Umbrella Is Big Enough To Share With Your Dream Oppa

Where's your oppa? In my dreams. :')

Cover image via Shopee & tvN/KCrush

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Let's be honest, when sharing an umbrella with someone, one person is bound to get a little rain on them

Unless you want to prove your undying love by getting slightly rained on just so your partner can stay dry, then go for it.

I mean, who will complain about getting wet if Hyun Bin was with you? <3

Image via GIPHY

But what if I told you that there's still a way to create that romantic moment without getting splattered with rain?

This umbrella might achieve that!

Image via Lazada

It comes with a single handle and two umbrella hoods attached to each other, so you can still be close to your loved one while staying dry.

Image via Shopee

Here's a video from one Shopee customer:

Image via Shopee

The umbrellas are currently selling online in red, blue, or black

Image via Lazada

Each one costs around RM47 to RM67. You can find it on Shopee or Banggood.

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