We're Obsessed With These Stunning Malaysian-Made Homeware, Phone Cases & More

Makes great gifts.

Cover image via UNDRART (Provided to SAYS)

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With everything going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to find a sense of calm in the middle of chaos

These soothing yet captivating art pieces are like a much-needed fresh breeze that we could all use.

Since 2019, Elaine, founder of UNDRART, has been making stunning resin art and homeware that we just can't stop staring at

The 22-year-old, who's based in Kuala Lumpur, began her side project while teaching part-time at a kindergarten. However, she recently received a scholarship to pursue a degree in Product and Furniture Design.

Having always had a love for art, Elaine began by taking inspiration from ocean waves, before delving into clouds, galaxies, rain, the Northern Lights, and other natural phenomena

"Most of UNDRART's works are peaceful and calm-looking," she explains, adding that "nature is a big part of the inspiration itself."

Although she nailed down designing and product-making skills in college, the founder further improved by working in various art galleries, planning art exhibitions, and working alongside local and international artists.

For more than a year, prior to starting UNDRART, Elaine experimented with resin and countless failed art pieces before finally mustering the courage to share her pieces at pop-up events.

And by mid-2020, she finally began sharing her work on Instagram!

'Undr', pronounced as 'Under' is meant to be a play on words. The missing 'E' expresses that the brand does well with the creator, Elaine, working behind the scenes.

"Unrelated but funny reason, I [also] thought 'UNDRART' would look much 'cooler' than 'UNDERART'," she says, adding that since it all started with ocean waves, the name was meant to refer to 'under the ocean'.

She makes pendants, wall art and clocks, phone cases and grips, as well as coasters, coffee tables, and trays. In addition, she also takes customisable orders.

"There is a unique piece that I've completed for a friend when I first started. He requested for a wrist rest for his PC, I was happy that he trusted me and gave the freedom for me to plan and create the design of it," she tells SAYS, adding that she has another large customised art work order for an office in the works.

"Overall, up until now I've met the kindest and most warm-hearted people that have trusted UNDRART to create custom/commission works for them and I'm very grateful for that."

Each piece is handcrafted with meticulous details – sanded, polished, and finished by Elaine herself

Since all of the art is handmade, she explains that each piece is unique in its own right, one of a kind.

"The main medium and materials for now is mostly wood and epoxyresin. I have a manufacturer and supplier that produces certified tested, safe for use for art and homeware, epoxy resin from overseas."

She does pop-up stalls every now and then, and has plans to collaborate with physical stores in the future

If you'd like to purchase or check out more of her items, visit her website, or follow UNDRART on Facebook and Instagram.

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