Paintings, Stickers, And Other Awesome Stuff You Can Get For Cheap From This Local Artist

Besides paint, Farisha also pours her heart out on canvas.

Cover image via Farisha Maznan (Provided to SAYS)

Farisha Maznan, also known as Faer, is a budding artist from Kuala Lumpur and she creates the most mesmerising pour art pieces ever

If you've never heard of pour art before, it's actually a painting technique where acrylic paint is mixed with a certain type of pouring medium before being poured onto a surface.

You can either pour colours one by one from individual cups or even combine multiple colours into one container and pour them together.

As shown in Faer's work, this technique results in stunning abstract patterns that are absolutely fascinating.

In less than a month, Farisha has produced over 20 paintings and each of them stand out from one another

Just like snowflakes, no two pieces are the same. Therefore, if you choose to have one of her pieces in your home, it would be super unique and no other person in the whole entire world would have a similar painting.

It's really therapeutic to scroll through Farisha's Instagram account, @faerdraws, where she showcases all of her work.

Feast your eyes on some of her best works:

By the way, there's more!

Farisha is so talented that she also embroiders, designs cute accessories such as tote bags, and even makes adorable sticker packs.

If you're interested to check out her other artworks that are not acrylic pour pieces, you can head to @faerslog on Instagram where she mostly shares her beautiful watercolour paintings as well as other projects.

You can get your hands on one of Farisha's art pieces for as cheap as RM30

She also accepts pour art commissions where you can choose a specific colour and add on other details such as a name, or even include a portrait.

According to Farisha, there are no limits to commission requests and she looks forward to hearing new ideas and making customers' wishes come to life.

For more information, reach her on Instagram.

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