This Mother Taught Herself To Make Art Out Of Leftover Paper And The Results Are Amazing

The details are mindblowing!

Cover image via Jessika Mustafa (provided)

What simply started as a way to reduce paper wastage has now turned into a niche talent for this mother

On Tuesday, 18 December, Twitter user @jazieeey shared with the world photos of her mother's artwork. 

It may look like any other painting at first glance, but Jessika pointed out that the "painting" is actually made out of papers.

Speaking to SAYS, 21-year-old Jessika Mustafa said, "[I]t started when there was a lot of coloured paper around the house because of my after school assignments."

"So instead of throwing all the paper leftovers, she thought of coming up with something," Jessika told SAYS.

"My mom is generally into art since forever. She sees art in almost everything," she added.

Jessika explained that her mother, 50-year-old ("But 25 years old at heart") Laily Abdul Hamid, gets her inspiration from nature.

"It has been around six years (since she started) but it was an on-off activity for her as she was a housewife," added Jessika, who is a self-taught freelance makeup artist

"She appreciates Chinese cultural arts, so as you can see, some of her art evolves around it."

Laily holding up one of her artworks.

Image via Jessika Mustafa (provided)

Each piece of paper is carefully folded and pleated, then "organised accordingly into various shapes and looks".

Just look at that attention to detail!

Each piece takes Laily seven to 10 days to complete, Jessika told SAYS.

Jessika said her mum currently only sells her artworks to friends and acquaintances due to lack of exposure

In a reply to another enthusiastic Twitter user, Jessika said each artwork is priced from RM450.

Seeing how each piece is painstakingly folded and arranged, one can only agree that price is appropriate!

If you'd like to order one of Laily's artworks for yourself, you can drop her a WhatsApp message at +60182240691 or support her journey on Instagram!

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