This Boyfriend Pillow Is Perfect If You're Feeling Lonely But Don't Want Commitment

Or if you can't find the real thing.

Cover image via Shopee & Lazada

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Relationships can be hard, especially in a pandemic. But sometimes all you need is a cuddle — stress-free and no expectations.

For that, you've got this Boyfriend Pillow.

Image via Shopee

The half-torso muscular plushie is comfy and holds you without complaining whenever you need it

Image via Lazada

It's the perfect intimate companion for the bedroom, a couch buddy when you're bingeing your favourite Netflix series, and a shoulder to cry on when the PMS hits.

Image via Shopee

With half a permanent six-pack, you won't need to complain about why he's heading to the gym (again) instead of spending time with you

Image via S&J Co

And if you prefer a complete chiselled pack of abs, you can get yourself two sides.

Image via Shopee

I mean, they obviously can't replace the real deal and things may feel one-sided at times. But at least you'll know there'll always be 'someone' to come home to.

Someone you can lay your head on for a nap, a snuggle, or whenever you need cosy assurance.

Image via S&J Co

The Boyfriend Pillow costs between RM27 and RM68, depending on the size. A small price to pay for a lifetime of snuggles.

You can get it on Lazada, Shopee, or S&J Co.

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