9 Massage Tools You Can Get Online For Under RM200 That Even Asian Aunties Will Approve

Self-care is a form of therapy too.

Cover image via Shopee

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Getting older or sitting at a desk all day can really take its toll on our bodies

Sometimes it's a hassle or too costly to keep visiting massage parlours. Though there are plenty of massage chairs and tools out there, they can also often cost a bomb. 

So we've put together a list of where you can find affordable massage tools online that won't cost you an arm and a leg:

Note: Prices listed in this article are accurate at time of writing.

1. Fascial gun | RM49 - RM150

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Fascial guns can reduce muscle pain and tension. They also help to improve blood circulation and relieve joint pains, especially after a physically taxing workout.

Many of the ones on Shopee and Lazada have similar functions in different colours: they're rechargeable and come with different massage heads.

You can get it here or here.

2. Portable neck massager | RM29 - RM186

Xiaomi Mijia Youpin Jeeback G2.

Image via Great Deals
Image via Lazada

Whether you're stuck in traffic or constantly on-the-go, these rechargeable, wireless neck massagers are super convenient. They use pulse electromagnetic technology to relax muscle nerves and reduce fatigue. 

Several say that they are not too heavy on the neck, especially if you're playing computer games. They usually come with different modes which you can select, such as beat, acupuncture, gua sha, tuina, or a combination of all.  

You can get them 
here or here

3. Wireless handheld massager | RM86 - RM187

Image via Lazada
Image via Shopee

So you've had a long day and just want to relax, these handheld massagers will do the trick. They help to soothe body aches, improve blood circulation, and relax overexertion of muscles after a workout. 

There are quite a few choices online. Some of them come with different heads so you can switch it up depending on you're feeling. 

You can get them 
here or here.

4. Foot massager | RM89.90 - RM160

Image via Shopee

Vins comfort.

Image via Shopee

Foot massagers tend to come with a hefty price tag but we found a couple of affordable ones below RM200 that have relatively good reviews.

The VINS comfort can massage both calves and legs. It also comes with a heater setting, which customers say feels like a warm compressed massage, especially great for the elderly. 

You can get them 
here, here, or here

5. Palm-shaped body massager | RM11.60

Image via AliExpress
Image via Wish

This small roller ball massage glove features tiny balls that can easily roll across your arms, legs, or back to soothe any sore muscles. The soft plastic can flex, allowing you to manoeuvre the massage balls right where they're needed.

You can get it

6. Scalp massager | RM3.94

Image via Amazon
Image via BuzzFeed

Here's one tool that instantly puts you at ease but won't break the bank. The scalp massager works to reduce stress and tension, boosts circulation, and just feels so good overall. Even if you don't have anyone else to do it for you, it still feels great.

You can get it

7. Foot massager roller | RM11.60 - RM21.99

Image via snapdeal
Image via daraz

Whether you're watching TV or just sitting on the couch resting, these foot rollers are a great tool to relieve tightness or pain around the ankles or heels.

Simply push your feet, especially the tender spots, down firmly into the roller and hold for 15 to 20 seconds.

You can get them 
here or here.

8. Multifunctional kneading massager | RM59.90 - RM169

Image via Made-In-China
Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Although they're mainly used to relieve neck and back pains, these massage instruments can also be placed on the abdomen, waist, arm, calves, and thighs.

They come with a kneading function to reduce muscle tightness and pressure. 

You can get them 
here or here

9. Car seat back massager | RM48 - RM100

Image via TekniStore
Image via Alibaba

If you're always stuck in traffic or maybe you're currently doing deliveries, this is a good addition to add to your car seat. It has eight modes, which can massage different parts, including your neck, waist, back, and hips. You can also adjust the strength intensity.

It comes with an adapter, a car charger, as well as a remote control for the settings. Alternatively, you can place it on your fave couch while watching TV or lay down on it.

You can get it
here or here.

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