8 Memes & Reactions To Najib Being Sent To Jail After Failing To Appeal SRC Case

"So, who's gonna tell him? The price of Super Ring is going to be different in jail."

Cover image via Harian Becok (Facebook) & TikTok

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Note: This listicle is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

The Federal Court has dismissed Najib Razak's final appeal to overturn his corruption conviction and 12-year jail sentence linked to the 1MDB scandal today, 23 August

The Federal Court ruled that it is satisfied with the prima facie case found by the SRC trial judge Datuk Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali over two years ago.

The decision means the former prime minister is set to begin serving his 12-year jail term immediately and pay the RM210 million fine that he was originally sentenced to.

Najib Razak with his daughter and others seen outside the Federal Court in Putrajaya today, 23 August.

Image via Lai Seng Sin/Reuters

For many, the Federal Court's decision has been a sign of justice upheld... but tbh, we're here for the memes and reactions.

We've compiled a few for your viewing pleasure:

1. We were waiting on the edge of our seats for the decision

2. "So, who's gonna tell him? The price of Super Ring is going to be different in jail."

3. Some said Najib is going to have a fine welcome at prison

Disclaimer: This is a meme and obviously an unofficial poster.

Image via Lowyat.NET

5. Many still wished him well

Image via Twitter

6. There were tons of photoshopped images of Najib behind bars

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

7. Others joked that Rosmah will have to move on soon

Image via Twitter

8. But it's alright, Sungai Buloh prison isn't too far away

Image via Twitter

Update: Najib is heading to Kajang prison instead.

All jokes aside, stay informed with this refresher on the multi-billion dollar 1MDB graft scandal here:

Najib will be the first former prime minister to be jailed in the country's history:

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