Woman's Special Altar For Her Late Dogs On Deepavali Eve Touches Hearts Online

A heartwarming send-off.

Cover image via @ananthinaidu (TikTok)

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The eve of Deepavali carries cultural significance in Indian households, where families come together to offer prayers to their ancestors.

In a heartwarming departure from the norm, a Singaporean woman has touched hearts by creating a special altar during Deepavali to honour the memory of her departed canines.

The poignant tribute garnered significant attention after Ananthi Naidu shared a video of the altar on TikTok.

The video shows photo frames of her dogs adorned with flower garlands. A banana leaf was also placed on the table, accompanied by an assortment of kibbles, animal jerky, and various other foods — presumably the dogs' favourites.

In the post's caption, Ananthi stated all the dogs had been rescued by her in the past.

Ananthi's heartfelt tribute to her canines sparked a wave of admiration within the online community

"Losing your fur babies is extremely painful. Glad to see you remembering them in a wonderful way," commented one user.

Another shared their experience, stating, "I lost my pet, and [it broke my heart]. I love the send-off you have given to your pets."

One user commented, "Only pet lovers can understand this. Hope that the food goes to the strays out there. There's so much love in this video. God will bless you."

In response, Ananthi reassured, "I am a stray feeder too; all my stray kids had them last night."

Speaking to SAYS, Ananthi said she performs these prayers annually on Deepavali eve

This tradition was passed down by her late father, who, in addition to rescuing dogs, also made it a point to feed stray dogs.

Watch the video here:


I have kept all 4 urns with me for the send off tomorrow conducted by a priest at Changi Beach. So they get eternity. Did the last prayers before they leave tomorrow. With all their favourite food. They will take the path to a different world tomorrow Moment of silence in honor of the departed ones. Om Namah Shivaaya Shivaaya Namah Om Kids went back to their creators Poppygal-06/01/2023 Mayama -31/05/2023 Shanagal -01/08/2023 Jaz -20/08/2023 Within 8 mths we have lost 4 kids, its unbearable pain

original sound - 2020 PMV - PMV

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