"A Good Example" — Netizens Praise Khairulaming For Being Kind To Stray Dogs While Hiking

He even named the dogs Ashu, Along, and Shasha, based on their personalities.

Cover image via @khairulaming (Instagram)

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Social media content creator and entrepreneur Khairulaming recently uploaded an Instagram reel of himself hiking in a forest in Kuala Kubu Bharu with his friends

In the three-minute clip, the content creator said that during the hike, they encountered three stray dogs who accompanied them on journey through the woods.

He then named the dogs that followed them Ashu, Along, and Shasha, based on their personalities.

"I named this one Ashu because I think it's the youngest and cutest of them all, but it gets tired easily, so we had to stop every now and then to feed it.

"And this one I named Along because I believe it is the oldest and the leader of the area. Its mission was to keep everyone safe. Before allowing us to move forward, it checked to see if the path we were taking was clear of obstacles," he said in the video.

Once they reached the waterfall at the top of the forest, Khairulaming cooked instant noodles with eggs for himself and his hungry friends

While he was enjoying the comfort food, Ashu looked at him with a pitiful expression on its face, which the content creator took as a sign that it wanted to eat as well.

Moved by Ashu's reaction, Khairulaming proceeded to make scrambled egg sandwiches and fed them to the dogs with a spoon.

"Once they were full, they all took a nap because they were tired, but they stayed with us by the waterfall," he said.

After a day at the waterfall, the group was rejoined by the dogs as they made their way out of the forest to return home.

"I hope one day I get to meet Along, Ashu, Shasha, and the others again," he added.

Netizens were touched by Khairulaming's compassion for the dogs and left supportive comments

One user thanked the creator for setting a good example for others to follow in treating dogs with love.

"I hope this video serves as an example for others to respect and be kind to dogs everywhere. They are also God's creatures who must be respected," they wrote.

Image via Instagram

"Dogs are also God's creation. I love watching content like this," commented another.

Image via Instagram

"In a country where dogs do not have freedom like other pets, you chose kindness above all. Thank you, bro. I respect you even more now," wrote another.

Image via Instagram

Khairulaming is nominated for Creator of the Year at the TikTok Awards Malaysia!

Tune in to the live broadcast of the TikTok Awards exclusively on TV3 and TikTok Malaysia's account on Sunday, 27 August at 8.30pm.

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