Indian Movie Scenes So Epic They Were Made For You To Ask "WHY?!"

Logic? What logic?

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From bouncing off bullets and fight-dancing to performing heart transplants with polystyrene, the amount of scenes in Indian movies that make absolutely no sense are too many to count. All the way from Kollywood to Bollywood, here are some of the most ridiculously epic scenes you’ll never find anywhere else:

1. If you are wondering why Tamil movie heroes never die, it’s because their bodies are naturally bulletproof. #truestory

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Watch the full scene from 0:12-0:26:

2. Indian Fighting 101: Hit your nemesis like crazy until he dies, jump on top of him, and start dancing to “awesome” ‘80s music. #winning

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Watch the full scene from 2:44-3:07:

3. "I am Narasimha. When a current touches me, current gets a shock."

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Watch the full scene from 1:11-1:48:

4. Science loses the battle in this 3-step heart transplant, Kollywood style

Step 1: Cut up a thick piece of polystyrene and fashion it into a huge heart.

Step 2: Doctors: While waiting for the polystyrene heart to arrive, take out the faulty heart out of the patient.

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Step 3: When the heart transporter gets attacked by villains, the heart will find its way straight into the patient's heart.

Done! If you see the "new heart" blinking with colored lights, then the transplant is a success.

Watch the full video here:

5. Think bananas are only good for the health? Wrong! They are the ultimate weapon!

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Watch the full video here:

6. No banana? no problem. Just yank out the nearest lamp post and your enemies will flee in fear!

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Watch the full video here:

7. So what if you’re clinging on the edge of a cliff? At least the innocent rabbit doesn’t get eaten by the evil eagle!

Watch the full video here:

8. All it takes to separate and divert train compartments are a little bit of praying and fancy footwork...

Watch the full video here:

9. Trouble at the gym? Just shake your god-given "assets", and you'll be winning fights in no time

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Watch the full video here:

10. Did you really think we were going to come up with a wacky Indian movie GIFs list without India's superstar, Rajinikanth? Watch him fling people onto electric circuits and come through unscathed!

Watch the full video here:

If you think the Indians go crazy with their movies, then watch these Saudis firing guns to bounce off the floor, for fun!

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