Safety And Flying On Magic Carpets Were Too Mainstream For These Rifle Firing Saudis

And they are doing it just for fun!

Cover image via Reuters/Mohamed Al Hwaity

You can say as many things as you want about the Saudis, but after you've gone through these stunning photos of Saudi men fly through the air firing their rifles, there's one thing you cannot say; that they don't know how to party!

Fun times!

Image via Reuters/Mohamed Al Hwaity

For, if this series by Reuters photographer Mohamed Al Hwaity is any proof, these Saudis on an excursion to the city of Taif firing guns close to their own feet, just for fun, do know exactly how to party!

Saudis usually participate in such excursions—leaping and bounding about, billowing smoke and light creating the illusion of firearm-propelled flight—as they celebrate weddings or graduations

And not just grown up men, even teenage boys are doing it:

So while playing with guns can be an exercise fraught with danger, these Saudis are definitely taking it to an all new level of insanity. Of course, do not get inspired by their bravado and try this at home!


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