"I'M A Sugar Daddy" — M'sian Actress Claps Back After Accused Of Having A Sugar Daddy

29-year-old Daiyan Trisha's response comes amidst accusations that a "sugar daddy" must be providing for her or the singer and actress would not be able to afford a house at such a young age.

Cover image via @daiyantrisha (Instagram)

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Selangor-born Daiyan Trisha is more than an actress. She sings, writes, and models while being equally good at everything she does.

The multi-talented Malaysian superstar's hard work has ensured her success at just the age of 29.

Her song Penat was nominated in two categories — Best Pop Song and Best Music Video for the 23rd Anugerah Industri Muzik held in September 2022.

Her success, however, has not gone down well with some

On social media, some of Daiyan's haters have accused her of having a "sugar daddy" — a rich older man who provides for a young woman financially in return for her company or sexual favours.

According to the accusations levelled against the 29-year-old, she should not be able to afford to buy a house at such a young age if she is not being backed by a "sugar daddy", reported Harian Metro.

Daiyan admitted that the accusations were hurtful, given how hard she has worked to come up.

"They may think that I don't deserve to have all these yet. But if these were my fans and followers, they would know how hard I've worked since joining the industry in 2013," said the 29-year-old.

Photo of Daiyan Trisha.

Image via @daiyantrisha (Instagram)

She remarked that such accusations show how much some people still think that a woman cannot stand on her own feet or be successful

Daiyan said that nobody accuses a man of having a "sugar mommy" when he is successful.

And so, she took to Twitter to shut down her haters while channelling the Goddess of Pop, Cher, who once famously stated, "Mum, I am a rich man" when told by her mother that she will marry a rich man.

In the tweet directed at her accusers, she stated, "I don't need a sugar daddy, I am a sugar daddy".

The tweet, posted on 25 January, has since gone viral with over 16,000 likes.

Cher would be proud

Image via Tenor

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