Dua Lipa: Kuala Lumpur Is The Most Interesting City I've Ever Visited

"I think a lot of the time when I go to Asia, I've had some of my most favourite experiences."

Cover image via Music Mundial & Umar Mukhtar/Pexels

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Celebrities often travel to many places around the world that it's hard to keep track of the locations that stand out to them.

However, one pop star was forthright about her fondness over Kuala Lumpur.

English-Albanian singer Dua Lipa has been to a multitude of places around the world. Headlining concerts in a plethora of locations, her popularity and prowess in the music industry has only skyrocketed over the past few years.

However, an interview of the Grammy-winning vocalist from 2020 has recently resurfaced on social media, where she answered multiple questions on her then newly released album, Future Nostalgia.

Conducted on the radio show Most Requested Live, Dua answered questions on how long it took to film the Break My Heart music video, how she was handling the COVID-19 pandemic, and whether she knows how to cook.

Dua Lipa answering questions as part of the 'Most Requested Live' radio show segment.

Image via AskAnythingChat (YouTube)

Nevertheless, the most burning question came from a fan who asked what was the most interesting place she's visited — to which Dua said Kuala Lumpur

"I haven't visited lots of places, but I really like Kuala Lumpur. I went to an amazing temple there, that I absolutely loved," she said.

Adding context to her answer, Dua stated that she has had some of her favourite experiences in Asia, though she admitted to not having been to a lot of other places yet.

"It feels the same for Europe — every single city is so different. So that's always really exciting, too."

Image via Music Mandial

Though her last concert in KL took place pre-pandemic in 2018, here's hoping that the reemergence of this clip brings Dua back here, soon!

Watch the full 2020 interview below:

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