"I Wish Them The Best" — Henry Golding Shuts Down Rumours He'll Be The Next James Bond

"I'd love to be in the Bond universe. Not specifically Bond, but let's play in that sandpit."

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[SPOILER ALERT]: Multiple James Bond movies will be discussed briefly, so if you haven't seen them, read this at your own risk!

The legendary gunshot logo of James Bond.

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A symbol for British intelligence, chivalry, and desire, the fictional MI6 agent James Bond has stood the test of time as one of the most iconic television and book characters in history

Drawing incomparable success since his literary birth in the 1953 novel Casino Royale, the sheer success of Agent 007 has spun off 25 silver screen movies, earning the franchise a whopping USD12.7 million (approximately RM55.1 million) in the box office.

Throughout his 59-year tenure in the film industry, a slew of British actors and one Australian actor have taken up the task of playing his image. Among them include Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and most recently, Daniel Craig. 

Having played the titular character in five movies over the span of 15 years, Craig's Bond initiated a shocking first by having the persona killed off in the latest addition to the series, No Time To Die (2021)

While the actor has no regrets about the manner in which his Bond exited the series, it has left a pretty major gap in the decision of who is to become the next 007.

Craig in his final portrayal of Bond in 'No Time To Die' (2021).

Image via No Time To Die (2021)/IMDb

In a recent interview at the 2023 Golden Globes, Malaysian-British actor Henry Golding was asked about the role of James Bond — and if he was considered to take up the role succeeding Craig

During his red carpet interview with Variety correspondent Marc Malkin, Golding was asked if he had been in contact with a producer of a few James Bond films, Barbara Broccoli.

"I think there have been a few guys that have. Sadly, I'm not one of them," Golding said. "But, I do know for a fact that the cogs are in motion for Barbara, so I wish them the best. They're going to choose the right and most appropriate bond," he continued.

Despite that, Golding stated that he would love to be apart of the 'Bond universe', most likely referencing being in a James Bond film in any capacity. 

"I'd play Oddjob, it doesn't matter," said Golding, when asked if he would consider the role of James Bond. For those not familiar with James Bond films, Oddjob was one of the henchmen to Goldfinger, the antagonist and villain in the third Bond movie, Goldfinger (1964).

Golding (left) and Malkin (right) on the red carpet at the 60th Golden Globes.

Image via @Variety (Twitter)

Nonetheless, when playfully asked what he would bring to the role of James Bond if he were to receive it, Golding said he would add a sense of mystery, charm, good looks, and action.

While Golding has assured fans that he would not be in the running to be James Bond, hope still remains for him to make an appearance in one of the films down the line

Such an occasion would not make him the first Malaysian to be part of the Bond series, as recent Golden Globe winner and actress Michelle Yeoh appeared an Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) alongside Pierce Brosnan's Bond, solidifying her legacy in the series as a 'Bond Girl'.

Nevertheless, rumours have been swirling across Hollywood over who will eventually take on the role as the next James Bond. While no confirmation has been made thus far, a slew of British actors which include the likes of Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Lucien Laviscount, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Michael Ward have been some of the names thrown into the mix.

Front runners to play James Bond (from left to right): Elba, Taylor-Johnson, Laviscount, Cavill, and Ward.

Image via DMARGE/Pinterest/WikiBio/Yahoo/Shropshire Star

Which actor do you think will be the next James Bond?

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