OMG, Zach From '13 Reasons Why' AKA Ross Butler Is Half Malaysian!

Ross was born to a Chinese-Malaysian mother and a father of British-Dutch ancestry.

Cover image via Jackfroot / Instagram @rossbutler

Meet Ross Butler

You might have seen him in this little indie show on Netflix called 13 Reasons Why...

Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey (left) and Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker (right)

Image via Netflix

... Or when he briefly appeared as Riverdale's resident bad boy Reggie Mantle

Image via Netflix

He's also been in the Disney Channel series K.C. Undercover alongside Zendaya and co-starred in the Lifetime TV movie Perfect High with Bella Thorne.

Besides being blessed by a beautiful side profile and really good hair, here's what we recently found out when we looked him up on Wikipedia - Ross is actually half-Malaysian! :O

The 27-year-old, whose full name is Ross Fleming Butler, was born to a Chinese-Malaysian mother and a father of British-Dutch ancestry on 17 May 1990

Contrary to a previous entry on Wikipedia, Ross clarified in a tweet that he was actually born in Singapore. 

In an interview with Paper Mag, Ross said that he moved to the US when he was four, after which he was raised by his mum in Fairfax, Virginia

Prior to becoming an actor, he studied engineering but dropped out after a year in Ohio State. He moved to California shortly after to pursue a career in entertainment.

In an interview with Mochi Mag, Ross revealed that he started modelling and DJ-ing to support himself in the first year after leaving college. He decided to move to Los Angeles when he was 20, a decision his mother was not too happy about at the time.

Well, we guess the rest is history 'coz Ross looks like he's on his way to become the Asian leading man Hollywood needs. In fact, he's gonna be appearing in the upcoming Shazam! movie set in the DC universe!

Which is pretty fitting, seeing as Ross seems to be a fan of and geeks out over pop culture icons like Deadpool, Black Panther, and Sully from Monsters Inc. on his Instagram. :p

Speaking of Instagram, Ross also posts quite a lot of photos of him working out in the gym

Sometimes shirtless. Not that we're complaining. :)

Ross may not be playing stereotypical Asian nerds on screen, but he certainly reads a lot

Oh, have we mentioned that he sings AND play the guitar?

As someone who learnt how to play the piano as a child, I'm jealous of them fingers

Hope to see you in Malaysia soon, Ross!

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