The Ming Thing Released Their Original Drama Series And It's Way Darker Than We Expected

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Isn't it amazing how a single memory can take us back to the past and make us re-experience an emotion from an exact moment in time?

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Memories are the building blocks of life, and they make us who we are today.

But what happens if it all gets taken away from you one day?

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tonton teams up with The Ming Thing to bring you 'I, REMEMBER', an original drama series dealing with memory loss and self-rediscovery

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With an impressive script by the Ming brothers and Vivian Lee Yee Ling, this thought provoking 4-episode original web-series follows Hafiq, a socially awkward guy who has lived all his life with the blessed curse of having a perfect memory, as he navigates through life in search for answers after his gift gets abruptly taken away from him.

When asked about the thought behind the series, Ming said,

“The inspiration was to just create something a bit darker or not too much of a happy ending. In a way, it was to see if we could create a new breed of our own “local superhumans” lol.”

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'I, REMEMBER' dares to explore the delicate nature of our memories and harsh realities that come with losing them

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Thrown into a new dark reality, Hafiq's road to self-rediscovery will keep you at the edge of your seats, as you will definitely resonate with his emotional struggles with self-identity and placing trust in the right people.

A star-studded emotional roller-coaster, get captivated with performances by Alvin Wong, Emily Chan and Sharifah Amani among others

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With an impressive cast, 'I, REMEMBER' delivers emotional impact by bringing together noteworthy performances by popular actors and actresses which include Louisa Chong and Ho Ming Yue, along with fresh new faces such as Jad Hidhir and Karan Hundal, to give audiences one of the most captivating stories in recent memory (pun intended).

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Catch up on new episodes every Sunday at 12pm exclusively on tonton

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