The New Toyota C-HR Features A Diamond Design With Exceptional Edgy Styling

It comes with a powerful and fuel efficient engine.

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The Toyota C-HR is probably one of the most anticipated cars from the brand

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The stylish SUV has captured many people's attention when it was first unveiled at a preview back in August last year. Now, you can finally see it in show rooms and even request for a test drive

Based on the car's specs, it's not hard to see why people are excited about the car:

1. The C-HR's super sleek and sporty design

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The diamond design gives the SUV its sporty and sophisticated look. While it looks like a two-door coupé from the side, a closer look at it will reveal the hidden rear door handle. This really reminds us of one of those cool James Bond cars. 

Image via Toyota

But this design is not just for show - the diamond design actually helps enhance the car's stability and fuel economy.

The C-HR is available in five different colours: White Pearl, Metal Stream Metallic, Red Mica, Blue Metallic, and Attitude Black Mica.

Image via Toyota

2. The car not only looks great on the inside, but it's really comfortable too

Image via Toyota

The C-HR is a driver-centric car, which means that it's designed to provide you with the best driving experience. All the meters and displays are built angled towards the driver, with bright white and blue lighting for easy monitoring. It also features a shiny black dashboard lined with silver ornamentations, which comes with soft padding that complements the black leather seats.

Image via Toyota

For passengers, the interior of the car is crafted in such a way to provide you with the most comfortable travelling experience. Don't worry about long road trips - the seats come with power lumbar support, which reduces the discomfort when you're seated for too long.

3. It's designed using the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform

Image via Toyota

The all-new Toyota C-HR sits on TNGA - a new platform that features a strong, stiff body shell to improve ride comfort and safety, as well as a low centre of gravity for a more engaging drive and balanced handling.Together with the rear double wishbone suspension, the C-HR contributes significantly to the driving experience whilst maintaining ride comfort and stability.

4. It comes equipped with extensive safety features

Image via Toyota

Safety is the most important feature of a car. With seven airbags, this car really gets you all covered. It comes with a Rear Cross Traffic Alert and a Blind Spot Monitor, which will light up or beep when another vehicle is detected to be near you. You'll also be alerted by the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System when the pressure goes below 80%.

Overall, the C-HR is made with world-class security features that will keep you and your family safe while travelling.

5. It allows you to choose between three drive modes

Image via Toyota

'Customising' your driving experience is possible with the C-HR as the SUV comes with three different drive modes. Want to go further with less fuel? Choose the Eco mode. Want better speed? The Sport mode is the one for you.

Make a stand today and experience the Toyota C-HR for yourself here

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Or find out more about the car on Toyota's website.

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