8 Dash Cams Under RM400 To Protect You And Your Car From Errant Drivers

Especially useful to keep your vehicle under surveillance against theft or accidents.

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1. Xiaoyi dash cam

Xiaoyi is one of the most popular dash cams in the market due to its budget price point.

Offered by Chinese electronics and software company Xiaomi, it is an inexpensive dash cam that's easy to set up and use, as well as takes quality footage.

Get it from Lazada for RM185, but do take note that this seller is only offering the device in Chinese language as other language modification would void the warranty. You can get it on 11Street for RM138 with an additional cost (RM40 to RM50 depending on the colour) if you'd like the English version.

2. Viofo A119V2 dash cam

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Featured as one of the best value for money dash cam, Viofo A119V2 has been one of the most highly-rated dash cam in the market right now.

Users can easily turn on/off the GPS function as they need and the Viofo A1119V2 is known for recording good video quality at day and night.

Some also sell it together with a CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) filter, which is extremely useful in reducing the glare of sunlight for even better video capture quality.

Get one for yourself on Lazada for RM388

If you don’t want to spend much on your dash cam, this is a good value unit that offers crisp and clear images.

Although it does not have any screen like most dash cams in the market nowadays, you can easily review the footage by connecting the device to your smartphone via WiFi.

This merchant on Lazada is selling it for RM179, although you can get it at a cheaper price from this merchant on 11Street for only RM134. 

4. Remax CX-01 dash cam

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The Remax CX-01 sports a slim and compact design. It records video footage and still images with its high-resolution wide angle lens, which is mostly decent for its price.

It is about as cheap a dash cam that you can buy — only RM148 on Lazada or RM132 on 11Street.

5. Blaupunkt DVR BP2.0 dash cam

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Blaupunkt is known for making good, quality car audio systems but did you know that the German manufacturer also makes dash cams?

Its DVR BP2.0 is a practical and simple dash cam with plenty of features including plug and play, which means it's extremely easy to configure.

Purchase it on Lazada for RM198 or 11Street for RM248.

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The Yi Ultra Dash Cam by Yi Technology, one of the companies that Xiaomi invested in, is easy to use since there are four buttons along the bottom edge and it can be controlled using app via WiFi.

One of the main features is its ability to record 2.7K footage, (also called 1520p), which means it produces superbly clear images even when used at night.

Get it on Lazada for RM259 or on 11Street for RM299.

7. Xiaomi Mijia dash cam

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The Mi Dashcam also known as the 'Xiaomi Mijia' dash cam, sports a sleek and stealthy design.

Some features include access to the device through Wi-Fi connection and loop-cycle recording for storage space to be managed efficiently, in which the newest video continuously replacing the oldest video.

Get one before it's out of stock from the official Mi Store on Lazada for RM248.

8. DDpai Mini2 dash cam

DDpai, a brand founded by Huawei senior engineers and marketing experts back in 2013, is known for its "social car cameras".

The Mini2 can be easily configured via its dedicated app and has good image quality. Many users said they love it for its discreet look. 

It's available on Lazada for RM345.48 while it costs only RM289 on 11Street.

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