10 Storage Products That Will Instantly Free Up A Lot Of Space In Your Home

De-cluttering your home doesn't have to be chore. :P

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1. A sofa that folds up and fits in small spaces, so that you can easily put it away when not in use

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If you're looking to maximise space in your home, this sleek and modern futon sofa that can also be used as a bed is definitely a good choice. It folds quickly when not in use, so that you'll have more room for thought.

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2. These DIY cubes that let you customise your own wardrobe

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Take space management to the next level by using these portable cubes as your next wardrobe. The washable cabinet is easy to assemble and disassemble, and each cube is solid enough to hold up to 10kgs.

You can get them in cubes of four, and even up to 25 cubes at once!

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3. People don't call this the "amazing shoe rack" for nothing. It's amazing because this simple rack can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes at a time!

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Aside from storing shoes, this 10-tier rack can also be used to keep wet towels off the floor or even line up headscarves systemically.

Everything is neatly arranged. Perfect!

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4. This slim rack that would fit even in the smallest and tightest spaces in your house

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You can use this rack to store anything from bottled drinks to cleaning supplies, and it's so easy to grab these items that you want anytime. 

It is designed with removable wheels so that you can easily move it from one place to another whether it's in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom.

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5. This clock with a hidden storage space for personal belongings or valuables

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It looks and functions just like any other clock, but it also doubles as a secret stash box!

From your favourite jewellery to house keys, store them away out of sight.

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6. This 6-in-1 kitchen organiser is the perfect example of how one single item can help to free up so much space in your home!

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Take charge of your kitchen clutter and be that kitchen god(dess) whose abode is always in tip-top shape.

While it's easy to hide away clutter using a cabinet, it's an expensive solution and space may be a problem. So, why not keep those bottles of condiments and spices and kitchen utensils all on this one organiser?

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7. This magnetic storage set that will make great use of the space on your refrigerator doors

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If you're short on space, consider using organisers or holders that come with magnets so that you can easily stick it against your fridge door (or on any metal surface) and they're always ready to go.

No need for drills, nails, or hooks on the wall!

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8. These minimalistic-looking hangers are a godsend for anyone who prefers not to nail or drill into their walls

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Make use of that space behind your door with these hooks for hanging hats, towels, bags and more.

Be it your bedroom door, bathroom door, or even wardrobe cabinet doors, these no-nonsense hooks can be installed to add convenient storage where you need it most. 

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9. Lounging space aside, these stylish stools also double up as a storage caches for books and other knick-knacks

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These stools are not only publicly presentable but they're extremely useful to discreetly keep your books, magazines, toys, or any extra clutter.

Just open up the seat with the removable top and make full use of the built-in storage space. Take those things out only when you need them. Super neat!

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10. These stackable rubbish bins make it much easier to sort your trash

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These rubbish bins come in modern and functional design to keep your floor space clear while you sort out recyclable products with ease.

Doing chores and cleaning up just got a whole lot simpler!

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To be completely organised like this... It's definitely one of our #lifegoals!

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