The New And Improved TNB App Makes It Easier For You To Pay Your Electricity Bill On Time

It can even notify you when it's time to pay.

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Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has recently revamped their myTNB app to include a refreshed design, improved user interface, and some handy new functions. Check out all the new updates below:

1. Start off with an app walkthrough

This all-new experience gives you an intuitive taste of what to expect by taking you on a quick but effective overview of the whole myTNB app.

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2. Simple in-app registration via SMS verification

You don't have to go through the whole troublesome process of waiting for an e-mail registration confirmation to verify your account.

The new myTNB app features SMS verification - you'll receive a code via SMS which acts as a validation criteria.

Not only does this make the whole process much easier, it's also an added security measure.

3. More effective management of multiple TNB accounts

The option to link up all your TNB accounts manually will still be available, but now there's an easier way - the app will automatically link all of your accounts based on your IC number upon registration.

You'll also be able to quickly scan the barcode of a bill to add new accounts, and personalize each account by giving it a unique name so that you'll be able to easily tell them apart without having to memorise all those account numbers.

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4. A brand new homepage and interactive dashboard

Both normal account and Renewable Energy (RE) users will now be able to:
- Keep track of your energy consumption over the past 6 months
- View all your bills over the past 6 months
- Toggle between different accounts
- Access your e-bill anytime, anywhere
- Add 'Accounts on the Go'
- Enjoy payment, promotions, feedback, and notification options at your fingertips housed in an intuitive navigation bar

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5. Convenient, seamless, and secure in-app bill payment

Whether you're lepaking at home, out chilling with friends, or having a crazy busy day at work, you can now conveniently pay your electricity bill anytime, anywhere!

You can pay directly through the app without being redirected anywhere else, and it also offers confidential storage of your credit card information to make recurring payments even easier in the future.

Plus, if you think your 16 digit credit card number is way too long for you to key in, you can actually scan your credit card. There is also a choice of FPX online payment as additional options.

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6. Intuitive feedback submission

From enquiries about your bill, to reporting faulty street lamps, and any other general feedback or questions you may have, you can now simply use the app to contact the TNB enquiry team or submit an in-app feedback form.

7. Personalised notifications

You get to decide when and on what you want to receive notifications. Curate your own notification and highlights system to keep yourself up-to-date on everything that's going on with your account.

This function is especially useful for setting up a monthly reminder to pay your electricity bill on time.

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8. Locate your nearest Kedai Tenaga (TNB's Customer Service Centre)

All you have to do is enable location services on your device and you'll be able to not only find but also get directions to the Kedai Tenaga nearest to you.

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The new myTNB app is available for both Android and iOS. Download it via the Google Play Store or the App Store now!

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