You Can Now Get Discounts Every Time You Bring Your Own Shopping Bag At Tesco

The campaign will end on 31 December 2018.

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Every Malaysian throws away an average of 300 plastic bags each a year

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Many of those plastic bags end up in the ocean, which can damage, hurt, and kill sea life.

In light of this, Tesco Malaysia has launched The Unforgettable Bag campaign to help reduce single-use plastic bags

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Through internal surveys, Tesco Malaysia learned that while Malaysians want to stop using plastic, many often forget to bring their reusable bags to the store.

The Unforgettable Bag is a revolutionary new design that includes an incentive for customers to bring their bag every time they shop.

There are three unique designs that feature our most endangered sea creatures - fish, turtles, and whales

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Made from recyclable material that is more durable than normal plastic bags, the Unforgettable Bag aims to help change the mindsets of Malaysians and create a new habit of bringing their bags every time they shop.

Each bag comes with its own barcode. When scanned at the cashier, you receive an instant RM0.20 rebate on your shopping!*

Each of these bags will be sold for only RM0.50. Bags that are torn or damaged can be replaced for free.

*Limited to two bags per transaction (maximum RM0.40 per transaction). 

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But that's not all! In a bid to minimise plastic, Tesco is honouring the discount on any bag you reuse at the checkout counter, not just the Unforgettable Bag

That means you'll still receive up to RM0.40 off your shopping when you bring your own canvas or reusable bag!

Tesco is the first hypermarket in Malaysia to provide rebates for shoppers reusing their shopping bags

This initiative will be rolled out in selected stores throughout Kuala Lumpur and Johor, then extended nationwide starting in June. The rebate is valid until 31 December 2018.

So go ahead and make a small change, so that together we can make a big difference ;)

The Unforgettable Bag campaign launched ahead of World Earth Day, which is celebrated on 22 April worldwide

Check out this video to see how you can help our oceans:

Want to know how you can help the environment? Visit Tesco Malaysia to find out more!

This is why we need to stop using plastic:

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