The Sony A7 II Offers Full-Frame Photography That's Totally Noob-Friendly

It's compact and mirrorless too!

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Are you looking to level up your photography skills and invest in a camera?

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The Sony A7 II is a full-frame camera that's easy to use and ideal for both beginners and amateur photographers

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If you're feeling intimidated by the big DSLR cameras that professionals carry, the A7 II is a great alternative!

The compact mirrorless camera comes with a full-frame (i.e. very large) image sensor. Not sure what that means? Read on, budding photog!

What exactly is full-frame photography?

Back in the days before digital was a thing, the rectangle that captured the image on a standard SLR (the film) was one size: 24mm x 36mm. That became the standard throughout the industry.

Early digital cameras had much smaller imaging sensors than the 35mm film. The sensor's size is known as the "crop factor." Basically it's like taking the middle of the image, and cutting out the edges. 

Feeling confused? This image should help!

So if a sensor is 24mm x 36mm, then there is no crop factor, since it covers the same area as 35mm film.

The Sony A7 II provides full-frame image quality in a package that's much more compact than a DSLR.

Full-frame photography with the Sony A7 II provides better images in low light and greater control over depth of field

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Full-frame DSLRs tend to be pretty big and heavy, this camera offers full-frame in a smaller package. This means it's much easier to bring along with you, whether you're going to the park for a walk, cafe-hopping with friends, on vacation, or just everyday use.

We tried the Sony A7 II for a few weeks and it was honestly really noob-friendly

Image via Tang Ruxyn/SAYS
Image via Tang Ruxyn/SAYS

We mostly just took the point-and-shoot route and let the camera do all the work. There are lots of modes to play around with, but we mostly kept it on "auto" and it worked out great :P 

The autofocus is reliable and fast, so you can get your shot pretty quickly. 

We were also impressed with its ability to take high quality shots in low light :)

Image via Tang Ruxyn/SAYS
Image via Tang Ruxyn/SAYS

The electronic viewfinder is super helpful because you're able to preview settings while composing your shot.

Another great feature to play around with is the Bokeh Effect

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You can get in real close to snap the perfect pic of your subject easily, making it the focus of your image. We took the shot of our tiny succulents while on auto mode! Just point, focus, and click.

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And of course, we love the easy transfer from camera to smartphone, allowing us to upload our images on to social media really easily

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Because it's so noob-friendly, pretty much all of us took turns shooting everywhere we went :D

Overall, the Sony A7 II is an excellent camera for both entry level and amateur photographers

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