TNB Introduces New Yellow Box On Bills So You Can Check Your Payment Status At A Glance

The initiative will be rolled out nationwide in December 2017.

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Do you sometimes forget if you've paid your electricity bill for the month?

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You're not alone. Once our gaji masuk there are dozens of things that need to be paid: rent, mortgage, car installments, loans, phone bills, credit card bills, and so on. Sometimes we overlook a bill unintentionally.

In order to help users keep up to date on payments, Tenaga Nasional Berhad is introducing a new yellow box at the top right of your TNB bill.

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The yellow box will show two different types of information:

1. A thank you message for paying your bill with no outstanding payments due

2. In the case of any outstanding bill from previous months, you will receive a disconnection notice printed at the bottom of the same bill. You will be advised to make payment within a specified date to enjoy continuous supply.

Here's an example of what the new bill will look like with the 'thank you' message:

Here's an example of the bill with a disconnection notice:

The yellow box initiative is currently being introduced in phases at Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Putrajaya effective November 2017 and it will be rolled out nationwide in December 2017.

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Check out the TNB website for more information and the latest developments

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