Michelin Reminds Us Of Some Basic Road Safety Facts Through Michelin Cares Campaign

How much do you actually know about tyre care?

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We all know that it's bad to drive on an under-inflated or over-inflated tyre

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Driving with an over-inflated tyre is just as dangerous as an under-inflated one. Tyres with excessive pressure won't be able to get a good grip of the road, and will compromise your car's ability to stop short in emergency situations.

Michelin recently launched their #MichelinCares campaign to educate car users on road safety tips

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The #MichelinCares campaign is launched as an effort by Michelin to raise awareness on road safety.

Michelin had launched a similar campaign in June this year focusing on loved ones being there for each other, despite the traffic and long journey. They have been posting road safety tips on their Facebook page as part of the campaign as well.

So, how much do young Malaysian parents know about tyre care?

See if you can answer these 'True or False' questions correctly:

  • All tyres have the same features.
  • The surface area of the tyre that is in contact with the ground is only as wide as your palm.
  • The lifespan of a tyre depends on its manufacture date.

Watch and see if you got any of these facts right:

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