17 House Rules You Grew Up With Because Your Parents Wouldn’t Let You Waste Anything

Wasting is not an option.

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1. You must keep all plastic bags

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Some have been kept for so long, they have started to fall apart...

2. You must keep all paper bags too

The paper bags are all kept in paperbags!

3. You must squeeze your toothpaste until nothing comes out of the tube

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4. You dilute your body shampoo with water when it starts to run out

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You turn the bottle upside down too.

5. Your house has many ice cream containers with no ice cream in it

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Aaand the troll award goes to...

6. Leftover food is never thrown away

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It tastes better the next day!

7. You must set your aircond on timer and not use it the whole night

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8. The living room aircond is used for special occasions and guests of honour only

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9. If you're the youngest, all the hand me downs are passed down to you

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10. You must reuse your old t-shirts with the holes as floor rags

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Commonly found outside bathroom doors.

11. Your cupboards are stocked with Tupperwares and plastic containers that are now turning yellow

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No such thing as too many Tupperware containers.

12. Your mum wants to keep your baby clothes for your future babies

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13. You always use the same festive decor every year

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Year after year, you reuse decorations hoping no one notices.

14. You must keep all the pretty wrapping papers!

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15. Your parents don't believe in buying mineral water

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16. You must NEVER EVER leave the toilet lights on after you're done

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17. Your freezer is always stocked with random food...

Winter is coming.

Is your family also the type that hates waste? Let us know in the comments section below!

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