20 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Way Too Many Black Clothes

You can take your "pop of colour" somewhere else.

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There are two types of people in the world - those who wear colour and those who don’t. If you're reading this story, then we're guessing you fall in the latter category.

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While wearing black is cool and all, the habit comes with its own set of "issues" as well:

1. The lint roller is your best friend

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A big shout out to the legendary RM3.50 BÄSTIS lint roller from Ikea.

2. Finding that specific shade of black in your closet can be quite a daunting task

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Time to enter the darkness.

3. But you still get dressed faster than everyone else because you only have one colour to choose from

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4. People get freaked out if you show up to work in a different colour

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"Is that... a navy blue shirt?! ARE YOU OK?!"

5. Doing laundry is a breeze

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Separate laundry? Ain't nobody got time for that, bruh.

6. When your different shades of black don't match

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So depressing.

7. Yes, people. Black is not just black, there are other shades too!

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Just because they look the same, doesn't mean they're the same. #mindblown

8. You can't stop buying the same item in black

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Confession: I have 20 (or more) of the same black t-shirt from Uniqlo.

Don't judge.

9. Online shopping has never been easier

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If it doesn't come in black, forget it.

10. When your favourite piece of black clothing starts to fade...

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The end is nigh.

11. When CNY is almost here and you panic because you can't wear black to the Reunion Dinner

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The only time you'd consider buying something of another colour.

12. You have to deal with irritating comments

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Expect comments at family gatherings encouraging you to “liven up your wardrobe."

13. You get mistaken as a sales assistant from time to time

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True story.

14. Nobody will realise you wear the same t-shirt/pants for days because all your clothes are the same anyways

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15. You feel very smug in the knowledge that if you spill something on yourself, it's not really noticeable

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Can you see the stain? No? Neither can I.

16. You live by this quote:

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17. It's not just your clothes that are black

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18. People say you're boring, but you're just "consistent"

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Get your facts right.

19. People have stopped making jokes about how you could be going to a funeral or being an emo

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Your jokes are getting old.

20. You melt in the sun on hot days, but you're already used to that anyway

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Worth it.

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