21 Things Only Malaysians Who Love Rice Can Understand

Rice is life.

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1. Rice and shine! You start your mornings with rice. <3

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2. You judge a restaurant based on how big their rice portion is

The truth is... Size does matter. There, I said it.

3. You have to stop yourself from saying ‘tambah nasi’ all the time

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Especially when you're on a low-carb diet but that all comes back within the next three hours of dieting anyway.

4. When you’re in an ang moh country, you feel ‘one kind’ without rice

If really no rice then bring on the noudouls.

5. You're not ricist

White rice

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Brown rice

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Basmati rice

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You don't discriminate for all rice is good rice.

6. Your favourite side dish is rice

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Order Mediterranean rice for both sides! Huehuehue...

7. You can totally differentiate between Beras Jati and Siam King rice

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Just one look and a single whiff is all it takes.

8. Your banana leaf has the biggest mountain of rice

When the occasion for banana leaf rice arices, that itself calls for more rice and that's when you say, "Bro, tolong tambah nasi bro!"

9. And at the mix rice stall, you go, “Nasi besar! Ok, lebih lagi. Lebih sikit lagi!”


10. You finish your plate without leaving a single grain of rice behind

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Didn't your parents tell you about the kids in Africa?!

11. You like eating a specific type of rice, like the sticky, wet type

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Silky smooth, fragrant and borderline glutinous!

12. Or the type where each ‘biji’ is spread out on its own

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Then again, there is no one perfect version of rice! Some prefer their rice light and fluffy too.

13. If you're fasting or dieting, you miss rice the most :(

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That sounds like a plan.

14. Everyone calls you "Fan tong" (rice bucket) but you know they hatin'

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So what if my stomach is a bottomless rice storing haven?

15. Your reaction when you know you should stop but someone offers you some rice

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"Oh, uh no thanks, no really, ok maybe a bit."

16. You always overdo it

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No regrets.

17. But hey, there's always room for... rice dessert!

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The Thais win for inventing delicious sticky mango rice dessert!

18. You probably had rice on your first date

That's how you know if they're a keeper.

19. You live for chicken rice a.k.a. kai fan!

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C'mon, it's a classic.

20. Your mum tells you that when she was pregnant with you, she ate a lot of rice

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True story.

21. You always do a throwback of when you could finish 3 bowls of rice as a teen

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You won't be able to eat without drastically gaining weight anymore. :'(

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