21 Things You Can Totally Relate To If You Have A Sweet Tooth

Desserts spelled backwards is stressed.

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1. The FIRST thing you look at in a menu is the dessert section

"Send them after the meal, IMMEDIATELY after the meal, thanks!"

2. You order a set meal so you can try the 'dessert of the day'

3. Wait, who says desserts should only come after a meal?

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4. Your weekends are all about dessert hunting

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EVERY weekend counts!

5. RM19 for a slice of cake? YES, BOSS! OKAY, BOSS!

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6. You don't believe in sharing...

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There's only "I" in ice cream.

7. Unless sharing means ordering 5 types of cakes, 3 scoops of ice cream and 2 types of waffles!

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8. Sometimes you watch a movie just so you can eat popcorn

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9. You will feel 100% incomplete if you don’t end your dinner with something sweet

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It's like watching TV series without watching the finale. Why would anyone do that?!

10. Hot days are always perfect for cooling desserts <3

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11. Your self-control sucks. Especially when you look at stuff like this:

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12. And this...

13. Or this...

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15. You constantly daydream about replacing your meals with... 'happiness'

Don't forget the ice cream in the office freezer :D

16. Your friend tags you on FB because they know you're weak around food articles and videos :'(

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17. When you're stressed...

Because it helps melt your troubles away.

18. When you're heartbroken...

Don't worry, you will find another perfect matcha.

19. When you're all alone at home...

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Without the cone, you won't feel alone! :)

20. After eating a huge meal and saying you’re “full like crazy”...

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