15 Things You Would Have Gone Through As The Youngest Kid In The Family

And some dare say you can get away with anything...

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1. People refer to you as _____'s brother/sister

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2. You never get new school uniforms

Always a few shades lighter than your friends'.

3. You could never get a new, first-hand phone

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4. You never had to worry about buying new school books

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And all the important points has already been highlighted for you.

5. You know your life is at risk when your sibling babysits you

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6. You get lied to about things. All the time.

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7. Your sister probably dressed you up

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8. Your brother probably made you the villain in roleplaying sessions

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9. "I only got a computer when I was 16, so you must wait."

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10. You'd never win in Monopoly, Scrabble, or Uno

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11. Contrary to popular belief, you'll end up with smaller portions even if you're super hungry

They think your appetite is smaller just because you're smaller...

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12. Your parents won't take your claims seriously

Even with all the evidences, they still doubt you.

13. They made you do what your older sibling refused to do

14. You never really get to play with your sibling's friends. They'll always lock you out of the room. :(

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15. So you give them a taste of your wrath whenever you get the chance...

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