18 Things That Must Always Happen On A Family Holiday

No one can ever agree on anything.

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1. There will be heated arguments on which direction to follow. "THE EXIT IS THERE, LAH!"

2. An overly cautious family member will think everyone out there is out to scam you

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3. Someone will always hog the bathroom

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4. Your mum MUST boil water in the room so your water supply is complete before heading out

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5. Someone will forget to pack something, or leave something important in the taxi

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6. No one ever knows where or what they want to eat

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7. And when you suggest a place, someone will say they don't "feel like it"

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8. But they also won't tell you what they actually want

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9. Someone will start craving for rice or Malaysian food after Day 3

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10. Someone will become the designated accountant, or the person who keeps all the important stuff

11. At some point, someone will have a mental breakdown or throw a cold shoulder

12. There will be complaints of how much walking there is to do

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You can't just take a car, unfortunately.

13. Then your dad will suddenly disappear from the group

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For whatever reason, your dad will suddenly go MIA...

14. There's always someone who will carry an unlimited supply of tissue, wet wipes, and diarrhoea pills

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15. One person will become the designated photographer

You can thank them for all your future Instagram posts.

16. Any time you're at a place with a nice scenery, someone will insist you HAVE to take a family picture. "Eh, stand there, stand there!"

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And this happens about 10 different times while you're there.

17. You realise some of your family members have weird sleeping habits

It sometimes rob you of your sleep.

18. Your dad will decide he just wants to stay in the room for the day...

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Like... what was the point of coming here then?

But despite everything, you still get to spend quality time together. Finally, after all that planning! :)

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And you'll never regret going on vacation with the whole pack!

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