ZafigoX Is The First Event In Asia That Empowers Women To Have Easier And Safer Travels

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Let’s be honest, women have very different concerns from men when it comes to travel, especially if they're travelling alone

From trying to figure out what’s culturally appropriate to wear in specific countries and being concerned for our safety, to freaking out when we suddenly get our periods while on vacation, there’s just so much more women need to take into consideration when travelling.

But it doesn't mean we shouldn't travel ;)

To face these issues head-on, Marina Mahathir founded Zafigo - an online platform dedicated to female travellers in Asia and the Middle East

Zafigo offers guides, ideas, tips and insights to make travels better, easier, safer, and more interesting for women travelling both for work and for leisure. The site is not only a platform but also a community that welcomes all female travellers to share their experiences and knowledge, empowering others.

Deborah Chan, a woman who packed up and left her life in the city to to help rural communities.

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From in-depth guides of cities across Asia, interviews, and personal stories from female travellers, to tips on packing, food, and personal safety, Zafigo covers all the bases and seeks to keep women informed on every aspect of travel.

Zafigo even hosted ZafigoX recently, the first event in Asia dedicated to 'Women Empowerment and Travel’ held in conjunction with the George Town Festival

For the uninitiated, George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. 

George Town Festival’s inclusivity-centric ethos was a welcoming environment for the ZafigoX talks, workshops, activities and bazaar to take place. Part of the festival’s Week on Women, ZafigoX played an essential part of the George Town Festival that showcased internationally-acclaimed spectacles featuring strong female characters, bringing women from around the world together to discover, learn, meet and be inspired.

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At ZafigoX, guests were treated to fascinating talks and panel discussions by international and Malaysian speakers, workshops on life and travel skills, and a beautiful artisanal bazaar showcasing goods and services made by women for women.

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Some of the main highlights at ZafigoX was Marina Mahathir’s inspiring talk about "getting the frog out from under the coconut"

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Sharing her wisdom and experience with the room, Marina encouraged the audience to get out of their comfort zone, step out of their surroundings, and explore the world. 

The writer, activist, and founder of Zafigo shared lessons she learned during her first solo trip overseas at the age of 17, visiting a nude beach for the first time, and more. 

Check out her full talk below:

Other talks and panels include women like Manal al-Sharif from Saudi Arabia, one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world who started the #Women2Drive campaign in 2011 to challenge the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia and South Korea’s Jin Jeong who has cycled more than 62,000 kms over six years and across 67 countries.

Malaysia’s own solo traveller Petrina Thong also shared her unique experience of hitchhiking from Sweden to Malaysia with only USD200:

Want to hear more awesome travel stories from kick-ass women?

Zafigo is your one-stop centre for a supportive community of female travellers with endless advice, travel guides, and inspiring stories.

Watch all the videos and check out the articles here!

‘Self-Defence for the Female Traveller’ – a workshop conducted by Ann Osman and Emily Barner.

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ZafigoX will be back again in 2018 so follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date!

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