Beware Of Fake Engine Oil Sold By Unscrupulous Car Workshop Owners In Klang Valley

Customers could end up paying hefty bills for repairs.

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The sale of fake engine oil has infiltrated many motor workshops in the Klang Valley

Image via NSTP

An exclusive report by NSTP reporters published on Harian Metro today, 22 March, revealed that many workshops in the Klang Valley are selling fake engine oil by repackaging recycled oil as new ones from various well-known brands.

It was learned that most engine oil are obtained by the syndicate from workshops that provide waste oil disposal service. Each drum of disposed oil is sold between RM40 and RM80.

The syndicate will then use a special chemical to turn the used oil into semi-transparent golden brown in colour.

It was reported that the repackaged oil will usually be sold at a discounted price, at least 50% cheaper than the price of the original product

Some customers apparently do not mind buying such bogus parts if they can get them at a cheaper price and save some money.

Based on the report, it was said that most workshop operators and businesses are aware that they are selling recycled oil but intentionally deny customers of the information in order to fish for profits.

An expert said that using these counterfeit products could possibly cause thousands of ringgit worth of damage

The Harian Metro report cited automobile expert Ahmad Salihin Abd Rahim, who said that the use of fake engine oil or lubricants, could affect a vehicle's engine performance and possibly result in engine damage.

Ahmad Salihin revealed that one of the most common tactics used is to blend genuine lubricants with the vegetable oil so that they will appear to be authentic.

"The second method is to filter the used lubricating oil repeatedly until it looks clear again," he added. 

Bogus parts may be cheaper for customers, but they risk having to pay for hefty repair bills if the engine malfunctions due to the usage of fake oil. 

Meanwhile, the enforcement authorities raided three workshops in Kuala Lumpur and seized suspected fake goods worth RM41,430

Utusan Malaysia reported yesterday, 21 March, that officers from The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) seized over 500 bottles of 4 litres of fake engine oil along with 34 units of gear oil and 22 units of brake fluid, all of which are suspected to be counterfeit products.

The items, which were found at three premises in Taman Daya in Kepong, Taman Segar in Cheras, and Taman Melati in Setapak, were seized under Section 8(2)(b) of the Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

It was learned that the authorities raided the premises after obtaining tip-offs from the affected oil brand representatives over the past few months.

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