Watch How Mall Personnel Rolled A Double-Parked Car Away In Sunway Putra Mall


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Imagine this.

You're super exhausted after a loooong day of shopping and the only thing you want more than anything else is to go home and crash on your bed.

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But your plan comes to a rude halt because someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to park like this:

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That's exactly what happened to the driver of a grey Toyota, whose car was trapped in the parking lot after it was inconsiderately blocked by a black Honda.

Thankfully, three men in fluorescent vests came to the Toyota driver's aid

Image via 西瓜视频

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the men could be seen loading the black Honda onto some sort of contraption.

They then proceed to move the Honda away to make room for the Toyota to move out of its lot.

According to the accompanying caption to the video, the incident happened at Sunway Putra Mall, a shopping centre located in downtown KL

Image via 西瓜视频

The caption reads, "Because you parked so badly, we had to resort to this."

Here's the full video:

Posted by on Monday, 19 March 2018

People parking like jerks aside – can someone please tell us where we can get those trolley jacks?!

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Seriously though, let's park responsibly. If you really, really need to double park, please leave a number. 

Just don't be like this:

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