Woman Hogs Family Parking Lot And Tells Man With Kids That She Has "Money To Burn"

Oh, so sassy ~

Cover image via Daniel Choo

It's the year 2018.

You'd assume that we as a human race has progressed to a stage where everyone is considerate enough to know that "Family" parking lots are, well, reserved for families who need the extra space to juggle between a crying toddler and a stroller.

Image via CDL Commercial

But one woman hasn't caught up with the times and apparently has a different idea of how a "Family" lot should be utilised

Image via Daniel Choo

Facebook user Daniel Choo recently posted a video about an encounter with a female driver at Jurong Point, a shopping mall in Singapore, where she allegedly cut the queue and took the family lot with her Mini Cooper.

When confronted and asked by Choo why she did so, the woman replied by saying, "I got money to burn."

Choo, whose kids were with him at the time of the incident, had been looking for a spot for quite some time.

She then brandished a few sets of keys to prove "everyone knows" that she has three cars

Image via Daniel Choo

Choo told her that he will be posting up the video on Facebook for the world to see, to which the woman replied nonchalantly, "Good, make me famous."

The woman then proceeded by telling Choo that the lot is "first-come, first-served" and wrote off the situation as "stupid".

A security guard turned up shortly and shook the woman's hand before she promptly hopped into her vehicle to leave the spot

Image via Daniel Choo

Choo added that he had handed over the video as evidence to the parking management for them to take further action. 

You can read the full post and watch the video below:

Image via Daniel Choo

We can imagine "I got money to burn" to be used as a comeback line, just like Najib's quote on the Selangor water crisis:

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