[QUIZ] React To These Superhero Situations & We'll Tell You Which Marvel Character You Are

Which character matches your ideals?

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What if... you were part of the Marvel universe?

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Just imagine all the things we could do if we were part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! From being a superhero with amazing abilities, to villains with over-the-top ambitions... all our craziest Wattpad fantasies would finally come to life! :P

Ever wondered who you'd be in the Marvel universe? Jom, take this quiz and we'll show you!

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

Sooo, who did you get? Hope you're happy with your results! ;D

If you're a Marvel fan, you're definitely gonna be hyped to watch their latest series, What If...?

The series reimagines numerous major events from the movies in game-changing ways. For example, what if Peggy Carter was the First Avenger instead of Steve Rogers? Or, what if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark before he became Iron Man? 

The possibilities are endless, and the show creators have taken creative liberties to explore different parallel universes that could have happened. So excitingg! :D

Here's what you should know before watching What If..?

1. You're probably gonna wanna watch the other three series' aside from What If...? if you haven't already. What If...? could potentially contain spoilers for the latest Marvel shows like Wandavision, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and Loki. So, if you hate spoilers, time to binge-watch these shows on Disney+ Hotstar!

2. This animated series is the last Marvel project Chadwick Boseman was involved in before he passed away. In the second episode of What If...?, you'll hear Chadwick's voice as he plays his iconic role one last time, as the episode explores what would have happened if T'Challa was Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill.

3. The premise of the show is actually based on a Marvel comic from the '70s. Roy Thomas, one of the Marvel comic writers, has said that he wanted to explore different paths with Marvel characters without disrupting the main story.

4. If you're worried about finishing the first season too quickly, worry not, 'cause a second season has already been confirmed! Just like season one, the second season will have 10 episodes, and it's already in development as we speak.

5. There was an idea to make the Avengers into prehistoric dinosaurs! While that idea was scrapped, executive producer Brad Winderbaum said they had considered including Dino-vengers in the show. Perhaps for Season 2? :P

6. We've actually seen The Watcher, one of the new characters in What If...?, in a post-credit scene in a Marvel movie! If you can guess, that movie is actually Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which had up to five post-credit scenes. Stan Lee was there too. :')

BTW, did you guys know that three episodes of What If... ? are already available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar? :D

You can expect more episodes to appear on Disney+ Hotstar on a weekly basis, so keep tuning in to catch all 10 episodes, okie? 

Catch What If...? and other Marvel shows on Disney+ Hotstar by heading over to their website here!

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