The Horror Movie Inspired By Mona Fandey Is Finally In Cinemas After An 11-Year Ban

"Akhirnya kita bertemu" is such an apt tagline, tbh.

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After being shelved for over a decade, the controversial Malaysian horror film 'Dukun' will finally see the light of day in 2018

Starring Umie Aida, Adlin Aman Ramlie, Faizal Hussein, Bront Palarae, and Soffi Jikan, the movie reportedly costs RM2.8 million to make. 

The movie is said to be loosely inspired by the high-profile case involving Mona Fandey, a singer-turned-bomoh who was convicted for the murder of a Malaysian politician in 1993. She was executed in 2001.

Mona Fandey in court circa 1994.

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Once a mildly popular pop singer, Mona became involved in spiritual witchcraft activities and became a bomoh (witch doctor or local shaman) after leaving the music business.

In 1993, politician Datuk Mazlan Idris was reported to have sought her help to boost his political career. At the time, Mona was working with her husband Affandi and their assistant, Juraimi. Having demanded RM2.5 million in return for their services, Mazlan paid the couple RM500,000 as deposit and 10 land titles as collateral for the remaining RM2 million. 

Less than a month later, police found Mazlan's decapitated and dismembered body nearby Mona's residence. The trio were arrested, and thus began a highly-publicised and sensational trial for Mazlan's murder in 1994. Eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to death, Mona and her accomplices were hanged on 2 November 2001.

Initially slated for a December 2006 premiere, the Dain Said-directed film was pushed back to March 2007 before it was shelved indefinitely due to its controversial nature

Following the announcement of the film's release, Mona Fandey's family voiced their dissatisfaction over the content and basis of the movie.

According to Malay Mail, the movie was ultimately banned by the Film Censorship Board (LPF) as it was deemed offensive to the family members of those involved in the case. 

Just as everyone has forgotten about its existence, 'Dukun' came into the spotlight again more than 11 years later when footage from the the film leaked online in February

Umie Aida as Diana Dahlan in 'Dukun'.

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In light of the film's upcoming release, actress Umie Aida - who plays female bomoh Diana Dahlan in 'Dukun' - revealed to Harian Metro that some scenes in the leaked footage are not included in the actual theatrical release.

'Dukun' is set to be released in cinemas nationwide on 5 April 2018. Watch the (frankly, pretty terrifying) trailer here:

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