"Come To My House" — M'sians Respond To Ed Sheeran's Request For Things To Do In KL

"I volunteer as a tour guide!" said one excited fan.

Cover image via @marksurridge via @teddysphotos (Instagram) & @pr_worldwide (Instagram)

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Who's ready for today to be over? Me and every Ed Sheeran fan.

Tomorrow, 24 February, the English singer-songwriter will be back in KL for his + - = + × Tour, and he's asking Malaysians to recommend things he can do while he's in the city.

Yesterday, 22 February, the Grammy Award-winning singer posted a video via PR Worldwide's Instagram account to greet fans and express his excitement about retuning to Malaysia to perform.

"What's up, Malaysia, I'm coming back to play in KL on 24 February. Hit me up with some recommendations on what to do there. I can't wait to be back to your beautiful city," the singer said in the video.

The Shape of You singer has been making a point to immerse himself in the sights, sounds, and local culture of every stopover on the Asian leg of his tour.

Just last week, Sheeran was spotted making teh tarik with Singaporean digital creator Denise Teo when he visited the island country, reported The Straits Times.

The video has garnered over 55,000 plays on Instagram, with more than 2,400 likes and 100 comments from fans. Of course, a majority of them recommended a variety of Malaysian cuisines.

User @syadiapawsed even suggested a couple of things the singer could add to his itinerary.

Meanwhile, another netizen suggested a chill, late-night hangout at a mamak restaurant.

Hilariously, one netizen, @ronaldoumair, invited the singer to his house to meet his cats, and offered to treat the singer and his team to the best Malaysian food.

One fan enthusiastically expressed her eagerness to show the singer around the city.

And one netizen would gladly take leave just to take the singer around KL.

I mean, anything for Ed Sheeran, right?

Someone suggested that the singer should try the king of fruits, durian.

User @haolz proposed that the singer try making roti canai.

While one netizen offered to bring the singer to the best karaoke spot in the city, to sing their hearts out together.

What would you recommend to Ed Sheeran to do in the city?

Meanwhile, we definitely have some suggestions for what to do in KL:

Did you know you can check your seat's view at Bukit Jalil National Stadium?

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