Everything We Know So Far About The Live-Action Remake Of Disney's 'Mulan'

The movie is slated for a 2020 release.

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She'll bring honour to us all!

Disney has finally dropped the first teaser trailer for its live-action reboot of Mulan, which is slated for a March 2020 release:

With less than a year to go 'til it arrives in the big screen, here's everything we know so far about the movie:

1. The movie is not supposed to be a total remake of the 1998 animated film, but rather, a combination of the Disney classic and its original source material

While the animated version is loosely based on The Ballad of Mulan, the upcoming live-action feature will reportedly pay closer attention to the 6th century narrative poem.

Set in the Northern Wei era (386-536 AD), Hua Mulan in the poem actually had her parents' support when she decided to take her ailing father's place in the army. Moreover, she was already skilled in martial arts, sword fighting, and archery by the time she enlists.

However, while Mulan is said to have a little brother in the original literature, she appears to have a younger sister in the teaser: 

2. And yes, it's true - the movie will not be a musical. However, you can probably count on songs like Reflection and I'll Make a Man Out of You to be featured in the score.

Director Niki Caro confirmed in a 2017 interview that the film's iconic songs will not be replicated in the 2020 live-action version, "much to the horror" of her children.

However, based on the instrumental of Reflection subtly playing in the background of the teaser, fans are hopeful that the rest of the classic soundtrack will be given the same treatment in the full-length movie

3. Though it's not gonna be a shot-by-shot remake, fans are already pointing out some similar scenes paying homage to the animated classic

4. Liu Yifei beat over 1,000 candidates to clinch the titular role

Fun fact: Liu was also in the running to play Hua Mulan in the 2009 Chinese film Mulan: Rise of a Warrior. The role eventually went to Vicki Zhao. 

5. Veteran actors Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Gong Li, and Cheng Pei-pei were also cast in prominent roles

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Jet Li plays the Emperor, while Donnie Yen and Gong Li are taking on new characters Commander Tung (a mentor to Mulan who leads the Imperial Regent) and Xian Lang (a powerful and malevolent witch) respectively. 

While the former three have yet to appear in any promotional material, we've gotten a sneak peek of Cheng Pei-pei as the Matchmaker in the teaser.

6. Some characters from the 1998 film will be included in the reboot, albeit with different names. Main antagonist and Hun warrior leader Shan Yu is now known as Bori Khan, played by Jason Scott Lee...

8. ... While Captain Li Shang has been replaced with army recruit Chen Honghui, played by NZ actor Yoson An

9. "Where's Mushu?"

Image via Disney

While it was initially reported that Mushu will be making an appearance in the reboot, it was later revealed that Disney may have decided to go a different direction.

Last month, citing a source "that has seen the film", TheDisInsider reported that Mulan's dragon sidekick will be replaced by a phoenix instead. The portal also highlighted photos of cast members Doua Moa and Chen Tang in hoodies bearing the movie's logo and a phoenix motif. 

10. Wondering where the comedic trio Ling, Yao, and Chien Po are? Don't worry, they are definitely in the movie. :D

From left: Jimmy Wong (Ling), Doua Moua (Po), and Chen Tang (Yao).

Image via Disney

10. Despite mixed reactions to the live-action remake, fans are excited that the new Mulan will be showcasing some pretty accurate aspects of Chinese history, like Mulan's make-up in the matchmaking scene:

Mulan is set to conquer theatres in March 2020

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