Fly FM Introduces Malaysia's First Ever AI Radio DJ Aina Sabrina

You can tune in to this AI-powered radio segment on weekdays, 2pm to 4pm!

Cover image via Fly FM

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Fly FM, one of Malaysia's top English radio stations, just introduced a new radio DJ, Aina Sabrina.

But she's no ordinary announcer, 'cause she just happens to be the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) radio DJ in the country, woah! :O

This pioneering AI personality marks a significant advancement in the history of Malaysian radio broadcasting. As the first AI radio DJ in Malaysia, she holds immense potential to shape the future of broadcasting.

Developed by Fly FM's in-house team of production engineers, DJ Aina utilises AI technology as well as a vast music database to create and mix music in real time, adapting to listeners' moods. Aina also offers personalised music recommendations based on individual preferences.

In fact, this innovative effort by Fly FM even sparked interest in Calpis, Japan's cultured milk drink brand, to team up with the station as the official sponsor for the first AI radio show in Malaysia — Calpis with Aina.

Image via Fly FM

You can tune in to Fly FM on weekdays from 2pm to 4pm to catch Calpis with Aina, with Thursdays being especially exciting

On Thursdays, the radio show will feature the AI Song Contest, where listeners can call in to guess the real singer of a song and win RM150 in cash prizes and fantastic Calpis products. This engaging and rewarding segment is exclusively available on Fly FM!

According to Fly FM Content Director, Sean Matjeraie, DJ Aina is a step forward for the industry.

"With the introduction of an AI radio DJ, we are extremely excited to introduce a brand new phase of the Malaysian radio industry, and Aina is the definition of this. As always at Media Prima Audio, we are redefining radio," he said.

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