Fly FM Is No Longer Doing 'Krappi Calls' Because Prank Calls Are "Just Mean"

Morning car rides will never be the same again.

Cover image via Fly FM

Malaysians are tired of prank calls by radio stations – and Fly FM is doing something about it

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

The radio station decided to run a Twitter poll for its very own 'Krappi Call' yesterday, 12 February

Following an overwhelming response, Fly FM announced earlier today that it is bidding goodbye to 'Krappi Call' after eight years

Fly FM's new breakfast show – which features Hafiz, Guibo, and RD – will be moving on with 'Teka Bersama Guibo' beginning today. 

'Teka Bersama Guibo' is a segment where Guibo, who was raised in the US, picks a Malay word for both Hafiz and Turkey-raised RD to guess.

Netizens have since been expressing support for the radio station since its announcement

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Bye-bye, 'Krappi Call'!

Image via Fly FM

How do you feel about the end of 'Krappi Call'? Let us know in the comments below!

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