Foo Fighters Is Officially Heading To Asia This Year... But They're Not Coming To Malaysia

“Hello, I’ve waited here for you…”

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Listen up, fans of Foo Fighters! The band has officially confirmed that they will be making their return to Asia sometime this year. \m/

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Unfortunately for those of us in Malaysia, we'll have to travel a bit further to see Foo Fighters in action as the band will only be performing in three Asian countries - South Korea, Bangkok, and Singapore

Image via NME

Some of you might remember that Foo Fighters was once scheduled to perform in Asia way back in 2012, only to have concert dates cancelled due to frontman Dave Grohl falling ill.

Foo Fighters will be performing at Challenger Hall Arena in Bangkok on 24 August, followed by the National Stadium in Singapore on 26 August

The band kicks off their Asian tour at Jamsil Soccer Field in Seoul, South Korea on 22 August, after performing at the Sonic Summer Festival in Japan.

Tickets for the Singapore show are priced from SGD128 (RM395) to SGD238 (RM735), while tickets for the Bangkok show are priced from THB2,500 (RM315) to THB6,500 (RM820)

Get your tickets for the Singapore concert via Sports Hub Tix. If you're planning to go for the Bangkok concert instead, get your tickets via Thai Ticket Major.

Well, it looks like Foo Fighters has joined the ranks of big names who are not coming to Malaysia this year:

On another note, Ed Sheeran is heading to Malaysia this year and boy, the tickets sure sold out fast! Unfortunately for the fans, looks like a bulk of them went to ticket scalpers:

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