Gloomy Weather Got You Feeling Blue? Here Are 10 Movies To Boost Your Mood!

We can't stop the rain from falling, but we sure can find ways to make the day more enjoyable.

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[SPOILER ALERT]: If you've lived under a rock for the past year or so, brief descriptions are given for each movie, so read at your own risk!

1. White Chicks

When two FBI agent brothers unwittingly foil a shakedown to catch a couple of drug mules, they are punished with having to escort two blonde socialites to the Hamptons for an extravagant Labour Day Weekend celebration.

But when that plan goes south, the brothers have no choice but to pose as those girls for the entire weekend, in attempt to crack down another crime. Catch Marlon and Shawn Wayans in this comedy classic on Netflix.

2. Up

Image via Up/IMDb

When Carl, a 78-year-old balloon salesman, loses his wife through a critical illness, it seems at first glance that all hope is lost. He comes up with a plan to, quite literally, fly away to South America. It is not until he discovers a little boy named Russell who came along for the ride, that Carl realises his journey has changed forever. 

Catch this wholesome Pixar animation on Disney+ Hotstar.

3. The Blind Side

Leigh Anne Tuohy has never known anything outside her upper-middle class circle in Tennessee. But her entire life is changed when she meets Michael Oher, a homeless high school student that needs a little more attention in the academic department. Despite that, she sees a promising football star in him. Taking him in off the streets, the collision of these two lives will bring a change no one sees coming

Catch Sandra Bullock's most astute role yet, the one that earned her an Oscar Award, right now on Netflix.

4. The Intern

Image via The Intern/IMDb

So many of us can only imagine the trials we might face when we start a new job. But what happens when you take on an internship for an online-fashion site at 70-years-old? Robert De Niro plays a charming and humorous intern for Anne Hathaway's boss role as the founder of the fashion website. 

This movie is sure to make you cheer for the unlikely friendship that blossoms between an intern and his boss.

5. Murder Mystery

A husband and wife are at each other's throats and wonder where everything went wrong. In their plan to reawaken the connection they had with one another, they take a dream European vacation together. In what can only be described as their worst nightmare, the couple oddly find themselves framed for the murder of a wealthy billionaire. Will their marriage survive this unbelievable twist of fate?

Catch Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston in one of their funniest movies to date, Murder Mystery, on Netflix today.

6. Dead Silence

Now who said all rainy day movies can't call for a little excitement? After Jamie Ashen's wife meets a horrifying mysterious end, he returns to his hometown to discover odd and disturbing details about her murder. Upon coming across the local town's legend of ventriloquist Mary Shaw, you will be left hanging onto the ride hoping Jamie makes it out alive.

Catch one of the earliest creations by James Wan, the Malaysian director who made many other horror classics, right now on Netflix.

7. Scary Movie

In one of the most hilarious parody movie series to ever grace the screen, the OG Scary Movie is probably one to make you laugh the most on any day, no matter how bad the weather is. This horror-comedy classic takes a shot at every single scary movie of its time, creating the most obscene and knee-slapping memes that have stood the test of time. 

Netflix knows good taste when they see it, jump right into their search bar and watch it right now.

8. Jumanji

Image via Jumanji/IMDb

No, not the one with Dwayne Johnson. 

1997's Jumanji sees Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt, together with a young Kirsten Dunst, navigate a magical board game that literally comes to life, jumping off the board. Every game must be finished, but when each turn releases what can only be described as mind-blowing in every sense of the word, the group may be sacrificing more than they know. Enjoy the original Jumanji on Netflix.

9. Don't Look Up

One of the newer additions on this list sees Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence taking every step they can to warn humankind of a comet that is approaching Earth. While on their media tour however, they run into a couple of familiar faces that make this movie a pretty star-studded feature as a whole. 

Make sure you watch one of Netflix's most anticipated movie to date.

10. Click

Image via Click/IMDb

Could it be? ANOTHER Adam Sandler movie? Yeah pretty much. 

Adam Sandler plays Michael Newman, a hardworking architect that doesn't really seem to have much else going on at work or at home. It's not until he meets an electrician, who gives him a universal remote, that Michael starts to literally skip periods of his day, month, and even year(s). When the remote goes out of control, he is taken for a wild ride through (literally) his entire life. 

This movie will have you experiencing every emotion in the book: joy, tears, frustration, relief, disgust, anger, and everything in between! Head over to Netflix, and don't miss this must-watch film that's perfect for a rainy day.

Did we get everything you hoped for? Let us know what your go-to rainy day films are!

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