6 Terrifying Asian Horror Movies That Will Confirm Keep You Up All Night

Scardey-cats, this list ain't for you.

Cover image via Found Footage Critic & IMDb

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1. 3 A.M. (Thailand)

Image via IMDb

This Thai 3D anthology horror movie gives you more than just one scary story, you get three short films in one movie. Each one explores different characters and stories, with none of them intersecting, but what they do have in common is that all revolve around supernatural incidents occurring at 3am.

In The Wig, two sisters who own a wig shop are haunted by a female apparition, while in Corpse Bride, a funeral home employee falls in love with a corpse. Finally, in O.T., two company directors who love playing scary pranks face the consequences of their actions.

2. Long Weekend (Thailand)

Image via IMDb

Thai horror movies have a reputation for being terrifying, and Long Weekend is no exception.

What starts out as relaxing weekend getaway soon goes wrong, as a group of friends are unware that a shrine of evil spirits is located on the private island they travelled to.

On the second night of the trip, Friday the 13th, known as The Night of the Devouring Ghosts, a misguided prank causes the spirits to be unleashed, leaving the group of friends fighting for their lives.

3. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (South Korea)

Image via IMDb

Based on a real-life psychiatric hospital of the same name, which is supposedly one of South Korea's most haunted locations, this movie utilizes the found footage format for those chilling vibes.

In order to rack up views and gain publicity, the crew of a horror web series does a live broadcast at an abandoned asylum. As they explore the nightmarish old building, going deeper and deeper into it, they soon encounter much more than they expected, as horrifying incidents begin to occur.

4. House of the Disappeared (South Korea)

Image via IMDb

House of the Disappeared, a South Korean mystery thriller film, is based on The House at the End of Time, a highly successful 2013 Venezuelan movie which is full of twists and unexpected revelations. But, don't let your guard down just because it's not your typical horror movie, it's still pretty scary.

Falsely charged for murdering her husband, an ordinary housewife spends 25 years in jail. Upon her release, she returns to their former home where everything took place. She sets out to not only solve the mystery of her husband's murder, but also to get to the bottom of her son's disappearance.

5. Rumah Belanda (Indonesia)

If you enjoy movies like Annabelle and Chucky, this Indonesian horror movie that's based on a true story is a must-watch for you!

When she gets hired to write a biography about the late Aline, Raya and her family are sent to live in a mansion that Aline once lived in during her childhood, to gain more insight on her background.

While there, they become the target of a mysterious entity that takes the form of a little girl. Determined to get to the bottom of the mansion's terrible secret, Raya refuses to leave, and ends up putting her family in grave danger.

6. Susuk (Malaysia)

Image via IMDb

For something a little closer to home, check out this Malaysian horror movie that'll have you questioning the price of fame.

Set in the local showbiz world, the movie revolves around two women who resort to using black magic to achieve their goals. Guided by a mysterious and powerful shaman, they sink deeper and deeper into dark arts, specifically, the forbidden practice of susuk. What horrific price will they have to pay to get the fame and success they so desire?

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