This Indonesian Horror Film Gives Off 'Annabelle' Vibes & Will Scare The Crap Outta You

Cue the jump scares!

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Horror fans, rejoice! tonton CINEMA just released the popular Rumah Belanda – a spooky Indonesian horror movie that'll send icy chills down your spine.

If there's one thing we can all agree on as horror movie fans, it's that Southeast Asia has some of the scariest horror movies out there, kan? And it seems that Rumah Belanda, originally released in 2018, is no exception.

Starring a talented, all-Indonesian cast – Kelly Tandiono, Agung Udijana, Aida Nurmala, and Grace Salsabila – you're in for a spooky ride! 

Excited dy? Here's a glimpse of the movie:

Even the trailer is enough to give you the creeps, right? And if movies like Annabelle and Chucky are your thing, you definitely don't wanna sit this one out. 

Based on a true story, Rumah Belanda revolves around an author named Raya, who gets hired by a woman named Hilda to write a biography about Aline, her late mother. To gain a better insight and understanding of Aline's background, Raya and her family are sent to live in a mansion, where Aline once lived during her childhood.

During their stay, Raya's family unfortunately becomes the haunting target of a mysterious entity, who takes the form of a little girl. Upon discovering that the mansion holds a terrible secret, Raya refuses to leave and is determined to uncover the mystery behind it, which ultimately leaves her family in grave danger. Will they make it out of the mansion alive? 

You can rent the Indonesian horror movie on tonton CINEMA for only RM4.90! Whoa, murahhhh. :O

Image via tonton CINEMA

Plus, English and Malay subtitles are available for the movie! 

Other than Rumah Belanda, tonton CINEMA also carries a wide range of local content for you to stream. What's cool is that it's a commitment-free platform, which means you don't have to subscribe to any packages at all! In other words, just pay for what you want to watch lahh. 

Additionally, tonton CINEMA also offers free local channels on their platform, so you can catch your favourite local TV shows online. 

So, whatchu waiting for? Catch Rumah Belanda on tonton CINEMA today!

Alternatively, you can also enjoy all of tonton CINEMA's content on your smartphones and tablets by downloading their app via Apple Store or Google Play

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