Bonding With Dad? You Can Stream 15 Feel-Good Movies On tonton CINEMA For Only RM1

A great bonding sesh with your dad and family!

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In conjunction with Father's Day, tonton CINEMA is adding a wide range of feel-good movies to celebrate all the dads out there

Image via tonton CINEMA

Since early this month, tonton CINEMA has been adding numerous popular movies, with 22 July being their final line-up for their Father's Day movies.

With 15 popular and classic movies, many of these showcase the sacrifices and hardships every father has to go through, making them the perfect movies to watch as we celebrate dads all this month. 

Here are some of the movies you gotta add to your list:

1. Karma Abah


Karma Abah is about a man named Nasir who spends a lot of his time chasing after women, ultimately causing him to neglect his responsibilities as a father and husband. However, when he thinks he's found a woman he loves, little does he know that he is actually being played by her. 

You can watch it here

2. Pesona Ayah

Image via tonton CINEMA

After his wife's passing, Izriel starts to lose focus at work, and his life becomes chaotic. However, for the sake of his children, he decides to shoulder all the responsibilities as a father, despite the numerous challenges he has to face along the way. 

You can watch it here

3. Fatihah Untuk Abah

Image via tonton CINEMA

Fatihah Untuk Abah tells an emotional story about a lonely man named Dollah, who gets teased by his colleagues every day. As a lorry driver who leads a mundane life, Dollah continues to be shrouded by loneliness and emptiness, until one day, when he bumps into his daughter whom he abandoned years ago. 

You can watch it here

4. Ayah Tak Pernah Kalah

Image via tonton CINEMA

The story begins when Husin gets arrested by the police for being involved in a car theft. At that moment, his wife goes into labour, giving birth to their youngest child, Balqis. Stuck in prison while his wife struggles to raise their children, Husin regrets his wrongdoings. One fine day, when Husin is released from prison, his wife passes away; however, he refuses to give up and continues to carry on his duties as a father. 

You can watch it here

5. Kapcai Ayah

Image via Kilang Video

Aliff has always been proud to ride on a motorcycle with his dad, but when he grows up, he becomes embarrassed of his father and the motorcycle. When an incident takes place, he realises that he should be grateful for all the sacrifices his father and the motorcycle have made for him. 

You can watch it here.  

Ready to start streaming?

As a Father's Day special, tonton CINEMA is letting you rent their movies for only RM1!

This means that you can choose to pay RM1 for any of the 15 movies tonton CINEMA is streaming! Additionally, paying for movies is quite flexible, as they accept debit or credit card, online banking, and e-wallets.

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to their website to start streaming today!

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