22 Ghost Stories From Our Zaman Sekolah Because All Our Schools Were Apparently Haunted

Why every M'sian school got ghost stories one huhu T__T

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Note: Cover image used for illustration purposes only. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

1. "After this incident, my friends and I never ever stayed back late in school again!"

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Image via Martino Pietropoli (Unsplash)

"It was very gloomy that day, like it just felt off. My friends and I stayed back after school. The three of us were sitting in class just chilling when one of my friends kept hearing a high-pitched sound. She told us to cut it out, but it wasn't coming from any of us.

"When my friend who heard the noise ran out of the classroom because she was scared, for a split second, something black followed her. We looked in the corridors but there was no one there, so we all immediately went home."

- Prema

2. "I takut gila when my friend told me about this incident, eeeeee!"

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Image via Our Sabah

"While at boarding school, my friend jemur baju kat ampaian at around 11ish. She saw her friend, also jemur baju. But the next day, when she asked her friend, 'weh, kau jemur baju ke semalam?', the girl replied that she belum cuci baju pun! Soooo, she must have seen a hantu impersonating her friend, omgggg!"

- Erina

3. "My very old boarding school has a famous urban legend about a pontianak"

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Image via ERA.ID

"The story goes that a boy woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. He came out of his room and was standing in a hallway next to the school field.

"At the end of the field, there's a very big tree that has been there since forever lah. He could vaguely see something waving at him from the tree, but couldn't really make out what it was. He took off his glasses to wipe them, and the moment he put them back on, BOOM the pontianak just appeared right in front of his face!"

- Anthony

4. "My school had this bell tower, but you had to access it from the backstage area of the main hall. There are many rumours about the place and the backstage is creeeeepy af."

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Image via Wallpaperflare

"One time, a few members of the hockey team climbed up the tower, but when they wanted to come down, the narrow flight of stairs had 'disappeared'.

"According to the teacher, there might have been a 'thing' trying to keep them there, because the stairs were actually there, but they just couldn't see it for some reason. The teacher had to baca doa and then lead them down."

- Shalini

5. "Till today, I ask myself whether what I saw was real or just a dream"

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Image via Seat Unique

"I was walking back to my dorm late one night when I saw a rugby player dressed in full rugby attire. Being part of the rugby team myself, I didn't find it weird because we sometimes practice at night. I didn't recognise him, but I figured he was a junior I didn't know or something.

"What I did find weird was his jersey. My school's jersey was black, red, and white, but his jersey was black, gold, and silver. Also, his neck was a bit crooked. I remember thinking maybe he had an accident or his neck was sprained. Our eyes met as we passed each other, so we just smiled in greeting before continuing to go our separate ways.

"Several weeks later, I happened to hear about a freak accident that previously happened in my school. A rugby player injured his neck while training in the rain, leaving it crooked. When he drank water whilst in the infirmary, it entered his trachea because of his neck injury, causing him to choke to death.

"I saw a photo of that player in an old article in the library. It was the guy I met that night. I pretended not to be fazed by it, but I was pretty freaked out! Though, I'm definitely grateful that he just smiled at me and didn't attack me or something."

- Firdaus

6. "One of the Form 1 kids was being rude to a senior, so as a funny denda, a group of us seniors asked him to go to the highest floor and use a bedsheet to pretend to be a ghost"

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Image via Freepik

"The next day, a prefect came to us and asked what happened yesterday because people kept saying they saw something on the highest floor. We were like, 'Yeah, we asked a kid to pretend to be a ghost'.

"The prefect asked who it was and we gave the student's name, then he asked who the other one was because everyone saw two ghosts. But, we only denda one person..."

- Vivian

7. "The store room at the back of my Form 2 classroom had some scary stories that creeped out even my teachers"

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Image via Pinterest

"Apparently, it even caused my classmate to change classes because she got episodes of hysteria. Thankfully, I never saw anything, but I would hear all kinds of stories from my classmates — whiteboards flipping around on their own, markers falling down, that kinda stuff."

- Anis

8. "My unit beruniform was kadet polis, and we once camped out in school"

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Image via The Ghost Hunt UK

"We were all sleeping in sleeping bags on the padang. In the middle of the night, while everyone was asleep, I heard the sound of a bell tinkling right next to me. The sound kept moving around our group, going on for two hours. There was even the sound of something breathing. I just kept my eyes shut and pretended like I didn't hear anything until it finally stopped in the morning."

- Vinesh

9. "One time, there was a kursus for Form 5 students in my all-boys school, and students from other schools, including girls, were also invited to attend. Some of my friends decided to prank the girls by dressing up as a pocong."

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"The girls got scared and the whole situation was quite kecoh lah, hahaha. When a teacher caught my friends, he kept asking who else was involved in the prank. They insisted that it was just them, but the teacher didn't believe them because apparently many other pocongs were seen at different spots throughout the school. But they really just did the prank in that one spot only!"

- CY

10. "My school was from before Merdeka or something, so people went around saying that the wall behind our main dewan was filled with the bones of dead Japanese soldiers"

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Image via Wattpad

"Whenever we needed to arrange chairs, no one wanted to stay in there for long because it felt super creepy, so we would gtfo quickly.

"Also, there was a convent down the road that had a statue of Mary. We even heard stories that their statue cried blood one night."

- Fatin

11. "There were rumours of a sealed room guarded by nuns in my sister's primary school"

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Image via Nathan Wright (Unsplash)

"Allegedly, it housed dead bodies and was used as morgue during WWII. Was it true? Idk. Was it creepy? Hell yes!"

- Dennis

12. "Some girls my age used to go around telling everyone that the school was previously a hospital owned by their grandparents or great grandparents or whatever"

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Image via The Shoofly Magazine

"According to them, all the people who ever died at the hospital lived in this one gazebo in my school, and they would apparently come out at night and roam around. Eeeeee!"

- Natalie

13. "A junior of mine kept kena hysteria, so in an attempt to help, we actually went to his dorm and recited prayers"

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Image via a-marina (Freepik)

"The boy was sitting on the bed and started crying really badly halfway through. I was leading the session, so I asked my friend to go console him. While sitting next to him rubbing his back, my friend started to look really scared and I was like what's going on.

"After the session, my friend practically bolted out of there. I chased after him and asked him what happened. My friend said that when he asked the boy why he was crying, he said, 'That thing is here. It's in this room right now!'.

"When my friend looked in the direction the boy was pointing at, he could see the imprint of someone sitting next to him on the bed. I'M SO GLAD I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING OMGGG!"

- Faiz

14. "The girl's toilet on the highest floor of my primary school was locked and barricaded with wood nailed to the bathroom"

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Image via Sinar Harian

"It was the ONLY toilet in the entire school that was locked up and people always said it was haunted. I never really thought much about it and I didn't believe anyone because young me didn't believe in ghosts ahaha.

"Until one day, my friends and I were headed to class when we saw the 'haunted' toilet door open. And of course, us being dumb young kids, everyone was like 'eh someone go inside and see'. So, I volunteered cause IDK WHY YOUNG ME WANTED TO PROVE EVERYONE WRONG.

"I went in, it looked like every other toilet — just dusty. BUT WHAT SHOOK ME TILL TODAY WAS THERE WAS RED LIQUID IN THE SINK AND IT LOOKED FRESH!!!! I ran out and never dared to question any haunted toilets again. The next day, the toilet was locked again."

- Melissa

15. "I saw something when I attended a kem PMR dekat area kampung"

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Image via Kelly Jean Horror Photography

"At 3am, I bangun to go to the toilet. Otw there, I saw a white thingy nampak macam human figure chilling atas pokok, just watching me. Scary dohhh!"

- Hakim

16. "One time, my roommate from sekolah asrama got her friend to teman her to the shower room 'cause she wanted to mandi at 2am"

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Image via Pinterest

"Her friend stood loyally outside the shower room while chatting with my roommate yang tengah mandi to break the silence. When my roommate came out of the shower, her friend continued their conversation earlier, but my roommate said that she hadn't talked while showering at all!

"Her friend’s face turned pale. Who did she talk to tadi?! It was like a conversation that occurred in another dimension where only her and thattt creature could be heard. Nasib baik I wasn't the one who teman my roommate!"

- Sofia

17. "When I was in boarding school, a friend experienced a creepy moment in the dormitory"

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Image via The Washington Post

"While she was sleeping, she felt someone tickling or teasing her. Thinking it was her friend plus still super sleepy, she just said, 'Stop lah, guys'.

"But it continued until she decided to open her eyes and grab the hands that were teasing her. To her surprise, it was a lady with super ugly face chuckling behind her!"

- Sarah

18. "While playing hide-and-seek at her school that used to be a cemetery, a friend of mine saw a doppelganger ghost"

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Image via nitikornfreepik (Freepik)

"She found her friend on top of the shelf. It was quite high lah, like a library shelf, and then she said, 'I found you, (friend's name)!'

"Her friend, who was actually hiding elsewhere, was like... 'who is she talking to, I AM RIGHT HERE hiding somewhere else'. Turns out the ghost wanted to play with them and also wanted to be found hehuuuuu."

- Rani

19. "My cousin duduk asrama. That night when she nak tido, she suddenly heard a noise like someone clearing their throat"

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Image via TechCrunch

"Her bed is double decker tau, then when she opened her eyes, she saw a pocong near her bed. The pocong so ugly one, the face macam terbakar.

"My cousin somehow got the strength to bangunkan her bunkmates and lari to the room sebelah. She demam panas and MC for three days straight after that."

- Ain

20. "When I was in Primary 4, my classmates and I experienced this creepy incident in the boys toilet. Here's an image to illustrate the layout:"

"I went to the boys toilet with two of my classmates to pee. After peeing, we washed hands at the sink near the door. We heard someone flush, so being 10-year-old boys thinking some guy pangsai, we threw wet tissue hoping for a reaction, but don't have wor.

"Then, one of my friends climbed from the cubicle next door and jumped and peeked, but there was no one inside. Dun dun dun... To macho-fy ourselves, we convinced ourselves that the school toilet cacat and rosak.

"We were washing our hands again when suddenly, the sink at the end turned on full blast with water gushing out kao kao. And without missing a beat, the next one and the next one and the next one turned on.

"We ran all the way back to class."

- Derek

21. "So, for as long as I can remember, our school was known to previously be a mental hospital, or at least, that's what all our seniors told us"

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Image via Nestia

"The main character of this story is 'Nancy', who was the 'ghost' that lived in the last stall in the girls toilet. That said, it was the only stall in the toilet that everyone avoided.

"There were stories going around about how that particular stall had writings of 'Nancy' written all over the door and walls. Some have even said that they've seen 'Nancy' wearing a white gown with her hair all combed forward covering her face."

- Qistina

22. "While the rest of the school was at the surau, three girls went to the toilet. Then, one of the girls suddenly ran out and went missing. Let's call her A. They found A sitting in a hall in the dark, but her voice was different."

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Image via mindandi (Freepik)

"When the rest of the school was done at the surau, we all went to our classes but were suddenly told to shut all of the doors and windows and we had to recite quranic verses really loud. Everyone was scared. Then, we were suddenly told to get to the assembly area, sit down in the dark in a circle, and recite the quran together.

"While we were doing this, the whole school could see A being held back by two other people. She was yelling at another girl in a deep voice, saying things like, 'This body is mine, you'll never take her. She is mine.'

"One by one, girls started going hysterical left and right. A girl next to me even stood up and pointed at nothing in the air, reciting stuff I couldn't hear. Scary!

"The night ended by all of us going back to the dorms crying out of fear and we pushed all our beds together so no one would sleep alone. They brought A to some ustaz I think. In the end, she left our school because it was dangerous for her to be there."

- Bella

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