12 Malaysians Share Real Life Creepy Hantu Stories From Their Childhood

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1. "The first night we moved to our new home, we did our prayers and an imam came to the house to recite prayers too. Before he left, he told us not to answer if anyone knocks on the front door that night."

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"Ours was only the second house built on that hill, everything else was trees and wildlife.

As a 7-year-old, I was terrified after hearing what the imam said. So, my sister and I slept with my mum in her room. We didn't even have electricity yet (or maybe we did, but I remember it was dark). So, my mother opened the window, which overlooked a tall tree next to our house.

That night, I remember squeezing with my sister under the same blanket. The next morning, my mum asked me what I saw. I said nothing.

But she then told me, when she woke up in the middle of the night, I was sitting by the window, looking at the tall tree, and on that tree there were two "women" just floating around it. She panicked and carried me back to the mattress."

- Pedd

2. "While on holiday as a child, I almost ended up staying at a haunted hotel eeeeeee!"

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"So, I used to be in this Christian group and we would all go on holidays together every year. One year, we booked rooms in this hotel in Port Dickson. It looked decent.

But then there was some mix-up and my family had to be put in a completely different hotel building. After all the stories I heard after the first night, I'M SO GLAD WE WERE IN A DIFFERENT HOTEL OMG!

In one of the incidents, a bunch of our family friends were together in the hall and just chatting when the TV suddenly turned on by itself. It wasn’t even plugged in. In another one, their daughter was talking in her sleep in a voice that wasn’t her own and then she started sleepwalking. T__T"

- Andrew

3. "There was a rumour in my neighbourhood that the corner house on my row was haunted by a spirit who was shot dead during a police standoff"

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"Idk how true it was, but that particular corner house had a lot of change of inhabitants over the years too, so maybe it had some weight? But now there’s a family who has been staying there for quite a while already, so maybe they got rid of the spirit."

- Priya

4. "When I was really young, I used to see this figure outside my bedroom window"

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"It wasn’t a bad spirit or anything, but I was bothered by it, so we had to get a priest to come and bless my room with holy water huhuhu. After that, the figure wasn’t there anymore. I think it was the spirit of an old man who used to live in the house."

- Jane

5. "My neighbour used to bela hantu and she left it behind when she moved!"

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"My neighbour was a single woman who lived alone. One day, she suddenly decided to move out, but left most of her appliances and furniture. A few months later, a young family moved into that apartment. My mother noticed that the mother of that family always looked very anxious and apprehensive.

One day, she told my mum that sometimes, she wakes up at 3am to find a huge black figure looming over her bedside (eek), and she has bruises the next morning. Things got so bad to the point where 'something' would grab her kids by their leg and flip them over.

They called a priest over and he said that the previous owner of the house actually reared a Siamese ghost for 'business purposes'. Because she left, there was no one to feed it, so it was angry.

They had to 'nail' the ghost to an altar outside the house and things were okay after that. But I always get the creeps whenever I pass it!"

- Rini

6. "According to Chinese beliefs, the dead will come back to your home on the seventh day of his/her passing"

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"On the seventh day of my grandma’s passing, we were instructed to go to be bed by 8pm. I was sleeping in a room with my maid. All was good until around 10pm when we were woken up by how hot the room was, padahal the aircond was on.

Besides the heat, the room was also suddenly filled with the smell of smoke and incense (my grandma was cremated). There was no one outside my room, but we could hear loud footsteps stomping TUM TUM TUM on the stairs. We could hear the lights being switched on outside too.

My maid suddenly SCREAAAMEEDDD because she felt someone massaging her foot. She used to massage my grandma's feet quite frequently, so I guess my grandma was paying her back in a way.

The smell and heat remained for few hours, until about 1am when it all went back to normal. From that day onwards, I believe that spirits exist."

- Jam

7. "I went to a school's religious sleepover programme when I was 12. When I was about to sleep, something pulled my selimut slowly until I tugged it back."

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"I swear there was NO ONE next to me!"

- Aiman

8. "My seven sisters and I used to all sleep in the same room as kids. One day, I woke up at around 6.30am surrounded by them."

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"Four of them were lying next to me, two on each side. The others were either on the floor or on the bed. They were all just blankly staring directly at me, eyes wide open.

I sensed something was off, so I ran to my parents room and found my dad there getting ready for work. He told me all my sisters were otw to school. I looked back at my room, and no one was there."

- Izzat

9. "Whenever my siblings and I went to our grandma's house when we were kids, we would see a dark figure outside"

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"It was always doing the same thing—walking back and forth while chanting something. The weird thing was that none of the adults could see it, only my siblings and I could."

- Siti

10. "My childhood home had a ghost—a small boy who sat in the cabinet at our dining area."

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"He didn't kacau us or anything, he would just open and close the cabinet doors from time to time. We just left him alone. He dun kacau us, we dun kacau him.

One time, my friend came over. I left him alone in the dining area for a while to help my mum with something. When I came back, he said he didn't know I had a younger brother. He thought my "brother" was disabled because he had an unusual face.

But... I don't have a brother. I didn't know how to tell my friend that he had played with a ghost and the unusual face was because he wasn't human."

- Wong

11. "My mum once kena ikut after attending a maghrib funeral. Apparently that hantu likes girls, so he attached himself to my sisters too."

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"I was scared after my mum told us about how it was kacauing her, so I kept asking one of my sisters to teman me whenever I needed to go pee or take water downstairs at night.

BUT I ONLY FOUND OUT LATER THAT THE GHOST WAS ATTACHED TO HER TOO. So, I had basically been bringing the hantu around with me adoiiiii :(((("

- Mario

12. "As a kid, I used to hear my maid calling me from different parts of the house"

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But when I go ask her what's up, (1) she wouldn't be at the place where I heard the calling coming from, and (2) she hadn't even called me in the first place. And the same thing would happen to my sister too!"

- Tiff

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